Interrogation and Interview Questions for ICAC Investigations Interrogation and Interview Questions for ICAC Investigations

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But what about leaving a church? What degree are you seeking? Do you have erectile dysfunction?

How do you think the polygraph test would turn out? Do you have illegal child pornography in the computer now?

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Place of birth; city and, state Former places of residence. What sex acts did you participate in after you met? Where are those images now?

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But these conversations—while cordial and sincere—are hurtful because they happen accidentally. Would you take a polygraph to verify your truthfulness?

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How old do you think the children are in these images? This would be a good time to get this all over with and to get this off of your mind - are you ready to tell me the names?

Have the fantasies caused marked distress or interpersonal difficulty?

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Assuming this person has moved to a good church, I say something like Well, may God bless you and keep you. What message would you like us to give to the victim?

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What chat room were you in? What days of the week and what times of the day do you chat? When did you go to those countries?

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Do you ever take your medications and also simultaneously drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or take other drugs? What search engines do you use?

What search terms do you use to find images? Do you masturbate to the images?

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What have you done? May I see your passport?

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