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He fundamentally doubts the historicity of the Islamic traditions on the beginning of Islam which came into being only to years after the event. According to Ibn Ishaq Muhammad always kills more enemies as according to other traditions. As the "treaty of Medina" shows, the Jews were initially part of the Umma and were addressed as "believers"; cf.

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With his second wife he had three children. In he advised Geert Wilders about his anti-Islam movie Fitna and in he was a principal witness in the trial of Geert Wilders.

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The depiction of a strong relationship between Muhammad and his wife Aisha is motivated politically resp. Ibn Isham which is an important text for traditional Islam.

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Research[ edit ] Hans Jansen is part of the so-called "revisionist" or historical-critical line of Islamic Studies. At the age of 17, Jansen began studying theology at the University of Amsterdamyet changed the subject after one year to Arabic and Semitic languages.

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Jansen reveals self-contradictions, contradictions to other historical sources, embellishments by later authors, politically or theologically motivated distortions of the depiction, symbolic meanings of allegedly historical names, literary construction of the depiction according e.

By the historically questionable traditions the interpretation of Quran is restricted since then.

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Thus, Jansen belongs to a minority within the "revisionist" school which supports this extreme position. The most accurate dating of so many events by an author who writes years later is not very credible. The book De Historische Mohammed was reviewed positively e.

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There are other traditions about the same event which tell that only the leaders of the tribe had been punished but not each single member of the tribe. In newspaper articles, interviews and talk shows he criticized Islam and how politics dealt with Islam.

The names of the three Jewish tribes do not occur in the "treaty of Medina".

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Then he became associate professor at the University of Leiden. Mr Burton was subsequently found not guilty of Racially Aggravated Harassment. The turning point of his opinion about Islam was the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in One of his sons is a cabaret artist. He later said that he then thought also about a conversion to Islam: Some of his friends experienced the event personally.