Who is Lucy Mecklenburgh dating? Lucy Mecklenburgh boyfriend, husband Who is Lucy Mecklenburgh dating? Lucy Mecklenburgh boyfriend, husband

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By the second season the relationship is on the rocks and the couple split. Lucy confronts Mario and after experiencing ups and downs they split.

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The relationship gets rocky and in the summer of Lauren decides she "needs to get away" and doesn't reappear on the show. In the Marbella special, Mario finds a new girlfriend.

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Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope The man who claims he has slept with over 1, women is now engaged to his model girlfriend Cami Li. In the next series the drama rises and Amy Childs starts accusations that Mario tried to cheat on Lucy with her.

It was all a lie, so Lucy and Mario decide to give their relationship another try and disappear from the Essex scene for a while. Lauren said she needed to "grow up and finish with all the drama". The couple decide they don't have a future together and split, with Joey tweeting, "I'm single; I'm moving on and its fun!

That night he is spotted kissing Sam Faiers in the back of a taxi and starts a new fling with Sam, saying "I give up on Lucy. Arg and Gemma begin to get closer again but grow apart when Arg starts insulting her. Mario Falcone Joey Essex and Sam Faiers Joey and Sam's romance began in series two when the couple got close but ended it as Sam was "too distracted by other things".

Arg plans a barbeque attempts to get closer to Gemma, but Rami gets in the way. James is nowhere to be seen, and Lydia says, "he just moved on is all.

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Mark takes an interest in Lucy at Lauren's party and takes her out on a few dates. The date turns sour when Kirk bumps into his old flame Lauren Pope who he has had history with in the past. Kirk pairs up with Joey in the same series to form dream team "Jirk", and take new faces Billi Mucklow and Cara Kilbey on a date.

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Lucy accepts but by series seven she states she is too young to Who is lucy towie dating married, so calls the wedding off. When Mario tries to explain himself, she turns him away but reveals to her friends she is still in love with him.

By series four the couple have still not worked things out and Lucy catches Mario "begging for dirty pictures of other girls". Kirk and Lauren rekindle their romance and he asks her to move in with him. He then moves on to Jessica and after the pair kiss at a Bonfire party, they start to go on a few dates.

Their relationship hits the rocks and after they split a love triangle soon forms with Lucy Mecklenburgh. By the third series the couple have split again, with Mark saying, "I'm gonna go celibate for a whole two weeks. Kirk dated Amy Childs after pursuing her for some time, but when the couple hit a rocky patch Kirk moved on to Lucy Mecklenburgh and took her out on a date.

By series four, they have split as Lydia "needs space". Mario surprises her and wins her back on Valentine's Day and in series six proposes.

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