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It traveled very slowly as compared to lightning and was easily visible for about seconds. Never in my life have i ever seen anything like it and never ever do i want to.

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Network Most guys arrive on their own to dating nights, which is totally fine. Or noticed it happen to me.

I still consider it to be related to the normal reports of ball lightning but since I can't be sure, any suggestions of what I experienced are welcome.

It never bumped into anything.

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Me and my dad were driving home in a thunderstorm and llightning was flaashing across the sky sheet lightning but then we head a loud bang and as we were at the lights we both looked out the window There, hanging on its own in the sky we think it was directly above the power station but it was dark so yeah was a big bright blue ball of lightning.

This applies for anyone, no matter what age you are, too.

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I reached to turn on the light and as I did it sort of popped and was gone. We have streamlined adult single dating to a form where we hope to get you connected faster to somebody who best suits your desires. Scared by the thunder we went inside.

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Do you prefer city breaks, active breaks or sunshine and beaches? What sort of film genre is your favourite? What to wear speed dating men — nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored collared shirt is always a wining combo!

The whole thing lasted just 3 to 5 seconds, and there were no burns or damage to the bathroom or hallway rugs and walls.

As far as I know, none of my fellow pupils saw anything. We noticed a faint ozone smell, but noticed no damage or evidence of electrical damage anywhere in the house afterward. What to wear speed dating The best dating advice I can give any single men or single women is to dress to impress.

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There were no burn marks or damage to the ceiling. The Dating site reviews 2013 sheet for the Celebrity lawsuit shows that the case was filed on May 10, almost 3 years too late.

It moved around and we would have sworn it was a UFO but knew after it was ball lightening. It did not burn or damage anything.

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Well, all the sudden this blueish orb about the size of a basketball, maybe a bit smaller with a slight tail came down on our fort.

I had never heard of ball lightning before. Happy dating — enjoy yourself Speedaters! So, relax and smile. I sit up and stare at the glow, but as cannot see behind the furniture, can't see if there's a "ball"only the Weird speed dating london soft glow.

It was then I heard two of my Weird speed dating london yelling. It was about a week before I began to come out of it. In the winter of I saw a very large glowing blue ball of light in a timber about yards from the road. A passenger on an aeroplane was espousing graphically and eloquently what he had seen occur on a flight he was on when the fuselage of the plane was struck by lightning during a storm.

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Sitting at the beach front watching a storm out at sea. Opposite my window there was a 3 or 4 storey block of flats about 20 meters away with a car park to the right of it. As I continued to read I noticed that the lightening was getting closer.

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