Radiometric Dating Methods Radiometric Dating Methods

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How can the rock have formed millions of years in the future? The basal lava flow displays a sharp contact with the underlying terrestrial sediments, which in turn rest on shallow marine sediments of Ngaterian age Ma.

The age of the Earth is 4. According to the article: The formation age of this meteorite is 1. He then goes on: The Bible believer who accepts the creation account literally has 50 up dating problem with such unreliable dating methods.

Detailed petrographic and geochemical descriptions of the samples presented here can be found elsewhere 45 If we examine what these other people have said about the same rock formation the consensus is that it is three million years old.

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According to this article the samples were taken from volcanic material that is only million years old. The dating methods contradict each other and give ages that disagree with the Geological Column. According to this article the samples were taken from the volcanic crust of the Kerguelen Archipelago that is only 30 million years old.

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Page 18 19 Several events in the formation of the Solar System can be dated with considerable precision. How can Earth rocks be dated as being older than the Big Bang?

That is logically impossible. In Table 3 we see some fantastic dates for both mountains.

If you run the figures through Microsoft Excel, you will find that they are Here are dates calculated from several articles taken from major geology magazines which give absolutely absurd dates.

If radiometric dating is reliable then it should not contradict the evolutionary model. On the other hand, the data of nine apatite grains from Lafayette are well represented by planar regression rather than linear regression, indicating that its formation age is 1.

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As we have seen in this essay, such a perfect fit is attained by selecting data and ignoring other data. There is only a seven percent difference between the ratio of the smallest and oldest dates.

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A careful study of the latest research shows that such perfection is illusionary at best. Here are some quotes from popular text: Biblical chronologies are historically important, but their credibility began to erode in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when it became apparent to some that it would be more profitable to seek a realistic age for the Earth through observation of nature than through a literal interpretation of parables.

In Table 26 we can see the maximum ages for each dating method.