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However, it is noted even the characters state itthat she looks almost exactly like Kikyo, her previous incarnation, who is stated to be beautiful.

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She is quite adorable, and not in an Ugly Cute kind of way either. Makoto is at least cute. Previously I could say something actually insightful or funny and just get ignored.

Are you fucking joking?

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Does everyone seem shallow? I run a LOT faster and doing general things walking up the subway steps, carrying things is a lot easier.

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Lotte, who is no uglier than Eva or Nina, is deemed so unattractive that guys will dance with her on a dare only.

This was the point, since Mika went a long way to ruin Riiko's self confidence, by calling her those names and seducing every guy Riiko liked.

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However, the soldiers at the beginning of the movie and Howl himself seem to find Sophie quite attractive and The Witch of the Waste curses her with truly ugly old age because she feels threatened by her. However, she has still remained reasonably attractive ever since then, depending on the artist.

He was less surprised by all of the attention, but still overwhelmed like I was. Except that Kinnosuke is certainly no worse than "Women fall at his feet" Naoki. Woman who suffered years off torment beats the bullies by getting a new NOSE.

While her personality fits this it is hard to take it seriously when the show tries to play her up as ugly.

Films — Animated In Corpse BrideVictoria's parents say that she has "the face of an otter" and considered her a disgrace to the family. I never had guy attention and shallow girls love to keep you fat because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Woman who suffered years off torment beats the bullies by getting a new NOSE | Daily Mail Online

The pop star is then stripped of all the makeup, fancy clothes, etc, and reduced to Ugly Animal Preservation Society ran a campaign to choose its mascot.

Audrey Hepburn ; her characters were supposed to be embarrassingly frumpy and unattractive in such movies as Sabrina and Funny Face until the makeovers Aki is lusted after by nearly the entire male student bodydespite looking no different than Minori.

Early in the manga, Prince Kail is shown attempting to fatten her up, as he considers that to be more attractive.

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Lina Inverse from Slayers is described as being awkward in appearance, ranging from flat-chested, to lanky, to having a pug nose. Not a truly straight example, because her inner circle her boyfriend, her best friend, and the caged eldritch being from another dimension that lives on her coffee table don't think she's fat well, what Demonwolf says implies he does think she has a bigger-than-average butt, but he also seems to be kind of into that and phrases it in generally positive termsand even most of the people who insult her seem to covertly find her attractive the male ones, at least But a 90's storyline involved her being stripped of her memories and healed of her scars and her missing My ex is already dating, at which point, she actually became a supermodel when she lived a normal life in New York City, although she regained those scars and lost her eye again — and regained her memories — in yet another fight, at which point she returned to being a raggedy sewer-dweller.

She finds herself unattractive due to her Youthful Freckles and Nerd Glasses. During an adventure on an alien planet, however, Marrow was wounded and placed in a regeneration chamber, which also smoothed her facial features.

After she removes the glasses and pigtails and adopts a permanent Death Glareshe becomes the cool kid. Lots of merchandise was made to cater to this.

There is Nuala's true form with the glamor spell that made her look like a blonde princess removed, who looks genuinely scraggly and underfed, though subsequent artists usually make her more cute and childlike.

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In scenes where she shows confidence she becomes younger and prettier while insecurity or defensiveness lead to the older and wrinkled curse form.

I started hanging out with cooler kids and dressing better in junior high, even had a couple girlfriends not at the same time, quit looking at me like that.