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In the late s Triple J was accused of ignoring the emerging hip hop scene and related genres, in favour of the more marketable rock-oriented grunge style that dominated American music at the same time.

Attended by 40, people, the historic concert featured Midnight Oil and Matt Finish.

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It is also said that this has affected the cultivation of musical diversity on the Unearthed program. InTriple J had been playing N. Podcasts of competition sets are available via the Triple J website.

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Austin explained in Weekend breakfast is now hosted by Stacy Gougoulis. The popular and long-running segment science hour with Doctor Karl has featured on all 3.

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Double Jay was virtually the only 'pop' station in Australia in the late Seventies to play: The inspiration gained from the UK led to Double J adopting the tradition of weekly, live-in-the-studio performances by pop and rock bands.

The longest-running show in Triple J's programming Triple j hook up week, TSL commanded a large and dedicated nationwide audience. Their last show was broadcast on 16 December On 27 JanuaryDave returned to the Graveyard Shift.

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His tenure, and the expansion of the network, generated controversy, most notably inwhen a large portion of 2JJJ's Sydney-based on air staff was fired, the so-called "Night of the long knives" including the most popular presenters Tony Biggs and Tim Ritchie, the station's dance-music maven.

Most importantly, it provides an inexpensive and popular source of program content, and also provides the appearance of listener interactivity and involvement.

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Inthe station began to release podcasts of some of its talkback shows, including Dr KarlThis Sporting Lifeand Hack. It is a weekly broadcast of live music, of a number of forms - open air festivals, smaller concerts, or acoustic performances in the studio. Ross and Terri[ edit ] Main article: Hack radio program Hack is Triple J's half-hour news and current affairs show, broadcast from Space Goat - a parody radio sci fi performed by the breakfast show's Jay and the Doctor which borrowed many features of early radio science fictions such as a long intro for very little story which leaves many questions open, which the narrator spends some time pointing out at the end.

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A good example of the station's influence was in when Double Jay championed a new album, Live, recorded by a one-off group that included former Roxy Music members Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno.

The Breakfast Show also featured two radio serials presented by The Sandman: January Learn how and when to remove this template message Launch and early years: Gen Fricker is currently filling in for Veronica Milsom who is on maternity leave. Through the mid-to-late eighties, Triple J continued to pioneer new music and developed a wide range of special-interest programs including the Japanese pop show Nippi Rock Shop, Arnold Frolows' weekly late-night ambient music show Ambience, and Jaslyn Hall 's world music show, the first of its kind on Australian mainstream radio.

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The first song played on air on the first broadcast day, " You Just Like Me 'Cos I'm Good in Bed " by the Skyhookswas banned on commercial radio for its explicit sexual content. Chapman oversaw a radical overhaul of Triple J's programming and marketing.

Triple J routinely championed many local and overseas acts whose early recordings were ignored by commercial radio including: The show is currently hosted by Kristy Lee Peters.

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In jtv was rebranded as Triple J TV. The crowd spilled out onto the street as the hall was not big enough to hold everyone who felt that "their" beloved radio station had been hijacked.

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Thank you very much, I've got another meeting. From the J-Files was a one-hour Saturday afternoon show, hosted by various Triple J presenters, specifically focused on one particular artist.

Compared to the late Seventies, Chapman did not reduce the amount of comedy, documentaries and news. In contrast, their Sydney rival, 2SM, was owned by a holding company controlled by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, resulting in the ban or editing of numerous songs.