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However, novices should get experienced help before attempting to install a portable generator transfer switch. Look at the wattage of the appliances and buy a generator that allows for a comfortable margin above this to accommodate spikes.

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I got fed up with trying to back up my GB hard drive through a USB port because it took 1 hour and 25 minutes. People are talking about USB2. Then I tested reading from both in parallel, everyone giving approx 22, the sum was If you hook that fire hose up to a pump that can only pump 60 gallons per minute, then that's all you get.

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Having done this, bring the wires through the conduit. I ended the relationship with, "You're a Fing punk.

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Attach the white wire to the neutral bus, the green wire to the ground bus, and the black wire to the breaker. My blog is at http: Tape all three wires for each circuit together. Step 2 - New Panel Shut off power to the main breaker box and take off the cover.

Knock this out and put in a threaded nipple.

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Anonymous Mar 10,6: Indeed bus and any other hardware limiting variable does have an impact. I added a third Mass Storage Device a little slower and got a sum of The entire system will transfer data as fast as the slowest component involved. That's the rating i.

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The limit of the fire hose will never come into play until you get a much bigger pump. I really got a kick out of this thread, enough to register so I could give it a http: So I aksed again, "Do we have a deal, you know, you said in front of these people a few months ago that I was stupid, so here is your chance to prove it.

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