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Tips dating dengan kekasih. How to make your girlfriend want to have sex with you

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You should make her feel special, like you want only her. If you really want to treat your lady well, then you have to be able to have an idea about whether or not she's ready for sex.

It may be useful to have a chat beforehand about what she wants to do and what she isn't ready for.

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If you want to turn on your girlfriend, you can start thinking about doing more than just kissing. Show loyalty in many aspects of your life and your girl will be impressed.

If you want your girl to have sex with you, then you have to be a master kisser.

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Open doors for her, give her your coat when she's cold, pull out chairs for her, and help her carry her heavy bags. If you just want to dim the lights instead of lighting candles, then that's fine too.

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Pay attention and never make her do something that she isn't comfortable with. This move will make her want to be the one who asks for more.

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Good timing and taking matters easy will ultimately make her mellow down no matter how long the process may take.

Remember that you're not with your bros, but with your special lady.

If you drive her around a lot, you should also keep a clean car. If your clothes are off or partly off, you can kiss her breasts or touch her in more sensual ways. Part 2 Treating Her Well 1 Treat her like a lady. Don't try making any arguments -- saying things like, "But we've been together for so long," "Everyone else is doing it," or "But I really, really like you," isn't going to make her feel any better.

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If your girl is barely comfortable with kissing, then you shouldn't bring up the "s-word" for a while. Ask her about her friendships, her childhood, and her favorite experiences.

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Doing something romantic once in a while will show your lady that she really matters to you. If she wants to have sex and you have to run out to the drugstore for some condoms, this may make Tips dating dengan kekasih first sexual experience fall flat.