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Not sure about the third one though.

Season 1 is a free Megapack that you get by updating the app, and I have a full walkthrough for Season 1 in the Megapacks section. In keeping with the idea that you'd be dating the cheerleader if you're a football jock, I chose that you have been dating Beth.

A Summer Fling 2. But is that the best way to get Spud to join our team?

Scout dating app

Grip, hold firm, hold on Enjoy your bonus scene! Feel free to e-mail me with ones you've found that I don't have, and I'll post them here in the next weekly update.

Stand up to him. Win keep it cool minigame. What should I tell her? What do you pick up? Win Monkey Pong minigame.

Sneak quietly, go unnoticed, be quiet The most successful games in this genre, in Japan, have offered a much greater variety of dating possibilities -- heck, even Natsume's Harvest Moon series of farming sims always offers a least a half-dozen different single ladies.

Don't go out with Keith except for the first night. Win cheering tryout minigame. Pass the theater minigame.

All I can say is, tough luck. Camping Trip Visions 4: Spring Break Up Bryce - Adam's best friend who is also on the football team and competes against John for the spot of backup quarterback. Jessica and Maria, being Sam's best buddies will pretty much never vote for anybody but Sam and you don't get to spend any time with them anyway to convince them otherwise.