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Almost the entire film of Can't Hardly Wait was set at a party, with only brief scenes set elsewhere. Madge, who is dating an older man played by Randy Quaid, invites her friends over for a small party in his apartment on a weekend when he's out of town.

Rodrick is found out a couple weeks later because someone accidentally took a picture with the family's camera.

An implied instance of the trope occurred in the commercial for the first Mario Party game: The parents never find out, but the cops came by to shut everything down, much to Joan's relief. Near the end, Sami's cousin Charles organizes a party where there is a argument, trouble-makers arrive and break everythingand then the parents return earlier than expected.

He had no recourse but to bury the thing in the backyard.

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The young-adult Bertram siblings throw the Regency England equivalency of this by putting on a scandalous play with their friends which involves extensive construction to the house, including their father's bedroom while their father's away on a business trip.

The climax of the film is set at one. Though not involving teens, the next most ultimate wild teen party would be the toga party from Animal House.

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The sixth season episode "Rock This Town," in a reversal, has the wild party at Emma's house, at Manny's urging — but when the wild party starts, Manny is the one trying to keep order while Emma gets drunk and lets things rot.

Fifteen people die and a young woman is taken hostage. The Cohen house is also overrun with male strippers also Haley's fault at Julie Cooper's bachelorette party.

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In addition, when he is busted, the main character actually accepts punishment for it. Furthermore, during the party a Princeton admissions officer drops by to interview Joel, and the prostitutes show him such a good time that he readily accepts Joel's application.

They do make the impressive mess as they did in the book. This was soon followed by offers from other companies, but in April Haze decided to sign with JKP, as they offered the extra flexibility she needed to make money and build her career.

The house is wrecked, and the cops break it up. There is one in just about every episode - either that, or the characters will wake up to the aftermath of one as happens at the beginning of Cassie's S1 episode.

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Well, you guys really should hit the road, huh? During most of her time at the company, she performed exclusively with women, out of loyalty to her then boyfriend, an industry cameraman. Award for Favorite Anal Starlet [43].

The beach party or orgyat the end of Psycho Beach Partya yearly event that Chicklet sneaks out to, even though there's a murderer around.

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The whole plot revolves around three friends who are trying to get alcohol to the party. Oh and the emergency numbers are by the phone.

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The MovieSuperbad jules dating record this trope taken up to eleven ; without getting into details, just know that the protagonist's entire house ends up completely destroyed beyond habitability by the end of the movie.

They end up even having to replace the bathroom door because someone drunkenly drew on it in permanent marker. The Malcolm in the Middle episode "Reese's Party" has Reese mentioning this trope, and giving a foolproof plan to avoid the usual outcome of such parties: Mom and Pop get home to find the place destroyed and their new car totalled.

Haze is directing and performing in her production films. Which is in pretty poor taste since it is the anniversary of the explosion that killed six miners and closed the mine. Joan of Arcadia has God Himself request the party but veto alcohol.

Melanie Bostic's party appears like a classic example, except narration by Olive reveals that they are a regular event thrown with the complete knowledge and support of Melanie's parents. Again, they're somewhat distracted from it by more serious matters: In the end, nothing illegal, amoral or unexpected is shown to have actually happened, despite what people talk about or think happened.

Project X is basically Wild Teen Party: In an odd twist of the "getting increasingly drunk" requirement, the booze at the party has been secretly switched with "near beer" by the worried younger brother of the girl throwing the party — but everyone still acts drunk.

Roger, however, refuses to spoil the kids' fun by being a stereotypical angry father. In Infinite Ryviusthe crew decides to throw a party to relieve tension after a battle.