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Heinz-Christian Strache, speaking at a rally before the Vienna elections. Internecine strife erupted in the party over strategy between party members in government and Haider, who allied himself with the party's grass roots. Initially, Heimat indicated the feeling of national belonging influenced by a pan-German vision; the party assured voters in that "the overwhelming majority of Austrians belong to the German ethnic and cultural community.

However, it soon became apparent that Haider was too controversial to be part of the government, let alone lead it. In the s the party advocated replacing the present Second Austrian Republic with a Third Republic, since it sought a radical transformation from "a party state to a citizens' democracy.

Additionally, according to political analyst Thomas Hofer, the party's policies and brash style helped inspire like-minded parties across Europe. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Republican Party [] and the United Russia party. This means that the party promotes its role as a guarantor of Austrian identity and social welfare.

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Under Strache the party's ideology grew more radical, and it returned to its primary goal of vote-maximising. Starting in the late s, the party has taken a more populist tack, combining this position with support for the welfare state.

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In turn, the LiF soon joined the Liberal International instead. Economically, it supports regulated liberalism with privatisation and low taxes, combined with support for the welfare state ; however, it maintains that it will be impossible to uphold the welfare state if current immigration policies are continued.

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Inthe controversial "Austria First! As a consequence, the party was soon torn by internal strife. Owing to perceived differences between Turkish and European culture, the party opposes the accession of Turkey to the EU ; it has declared that should this happen, Austria must immediately leave the EU.

In the end, the efforts to establish a new alliance of parties were not successful.

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Under Haider's leadership, immigration went from being practically non-existent on the list of most important issues for voters beforeto the 10th-most-important inand the second-most-important in Bush for not being very different from Hussein.

The party also became more critical of Israel's part in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both parties increased their percentage of the vote by about 6.

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The EU sanctions were lifted in September, after a report had found that the measures were effective only in the short term; in the long run, they might give rise to an anti-EU backlash. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. It changed leaders five times in less than two months, and in the general election decreased its share of the vote to For his project, Haider tried to establish stable cooperations with the Vlaams Blok party in Belgium and the Northern League party in Italy, as well as some other parties and party groupings.

From the late s through the s, the party developed economically, supporting tax reduction, less state intervention and more privatisation.