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Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon has developed a reputation as the most haunted city of the Pacific Northwest thanks to its bizarre history and high number of ghost sightings.

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But some American cities have gained the reputation for being particularly ghost-ridden thanks to their rich and often bizarre historical backgrounds. Inthe Dutch established themselves near Pulicatnorth of Chennai. Use of B5 biodiesel was expanded to the entire bus fleet in late Chinatown alone is home to countless ghost tours and creepy folklore, but the city also boasts a wealth of haunted hotels, mansions, and army bases.

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But recent evidence suggests that the body in the photo was not the man responsible, and some even claim that Gardner dragged the corpse of another man to the spot in order to stage the picture.

In Chinese, Cakravartin could be rendered as"Wheel [i. Sculpted caves and paintings have been identified from that period. Keay has an apt comment for the phenomenon just noted in the other histories: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania In July ofthe small college town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was the site of the biggest military clash of the Civil War, which to this day remains the bloodiest event to ever occur on American soil.

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Alongside the tourist shops and museums, though, stand several infamous ghost stories related to the witch trials. Weirdest of all, a portrait of Mr. When Corey refused to enter a plea in court, Corwin used an old English legal precedent and placed him under a board piled with rocks in order to coerce him into talking.

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Commuter rail WES [ edit ] Main article: Hood Community College, but this section was dropped in September due to concerns over competitiveness for federal transportation funds. A lot of these stories date back over a hundred years, when the town became associated with the Spiritualist movement of the s.

The system has buses and a daily ridership of about 65, Guindy National Park is a protected area within the city limits. The trials soon escalated Speed dating tri cities mass hysteria, with townspeople vehemently accusing neighbors and acquaintances, almost all of them unmarried women, of being witches.

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The urge towards inflated nationalistic claims is familiar. Seven regular daytime bus routes also were eliminated. One in particular concerns Gallows Hill, the site of several hangings, which is said to be haunted by the spirits of the 19 people lynched for being witches.

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The "Saka Era,"as the Indian historical era, significantly starts rather late 79 AD in relation to the antiquity of Indian civilization. Bus sector symbols began to be phased out from maps and publications.

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The spot is famous for being the location of a small skirmish that took place when a Union artillery unit returned fire on a Confederate sharpshooter who was taking shots at them from behind the rocks. New Orleans, Louisiana All southern port towns have their share of ghost stories, but none more so than New Orleans, which has truly embraced its reputation as a center of all things paranormal.

The shadow of the battle still stands over the town today, and many claim the ghosts of dead soldiers haunt the battlefields. As the story goes, it was rumored at the time that the couple treated their slaves viciously, and Speed dating tri cities was evidence Lady LaLaurie was responsible for the murder of a year-old girl.

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The hospital held many violent patients, and is notorious for being the site of hundreds of lobotomies.