Scientists are watching an asteroid called ‘Oumuamua because they think it could be an alien ship Scientists are watching an asteroid called ‘Oumuamua because they think it could be an alien ship

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Marine Corps establishing Blount Island Command. Many people [a LOT] have been hurt falling off the wall, tripping over graves, breaking arms - that kind of thing.

Augustinecausing major damage to buildings in North Florida. The fire was started by the pastor of the church to kill his wife, who was having an affair with the deacon.

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He then killed himself. Police believe Beckford and Snyder met about a week ago. The Stake and Shake on 13th St. Visitors claim to feel someone's hands upon their shoulders, only to find no one there.

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Moonlight was bright and there was a gathering fog. To this day her ghost AND the violent ghost more like an imprint of her killer haunt the cramped hallway and restroom.

Gainesville - The Purple Porpoise - The Purple Porpoise has been a Gainesville institution for years and is about the close it's doors but the problem will probably go to the new owners. Also alarm has sounded at 3: As a former employee when we would go in the walk in freezer and adjacent cooler the dim lights have power surges and the cool air blowing in does strange things.

The day Inez took possession of the house she had Speed dating pasco county florida diabetic seizure and died possibly in her childhood bedroom.

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A receptionist who works there and lives nearby told of how once she got into the elevator and didn't press a selection and that the elevator went to one of the floors that at the time was not being used.

Over the course of the decade, more than 30 silent film studios were established, earning Jacksonville the title of "Winter Film Capital of the World".

She is harmless and from observations made she was employed here up until three days before her passing.

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Petersburg police called him. After a grand jury was convened to investigate, 11 officials were indicted and more were forced to resign. Some say the building is haunted.

AS the story goes this ghost is a man late 80's ; retired officer looking for his wife. Maitland - Enzian Theatre - While watching films guests have seen a disembodied head of a woman in the north corner of the room.

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The weird thing is, is that half the students who enter the small school always tends to get sick. It is known as the Bridal floor as a death occurred in a honeymooners stay.