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For example, the ball cannot touch the head, foot, or open palm of the hand. Ideal trajectory of a defended ball A fistballer defends the ball at full stretch The defender must be skillful in order to ensure their team can launch an effective attack.

The service line is 3 m away from the center line.

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In this case the setter stands behind the baseline and the two defensive players move diagonally inwards to form a V shape. Another difference from volleyball is that a fistball playing field is much larger, and fistball teams have fewer players on the field at one time than volleyball teams, and therefore fistball players are required to cover much more space during play.

The players playing at this level are required to have significant speed and fitness in order to cover the ground for both defending and attacking hits. It was not until that regular German Championships were able to be carried out.

The ball touches the ground twice in a row without any contact by a player in between.

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Marija Post author January 19, at 2: Click on 1st item to right of picture — Pago de Multas Note also 4th item which brings up a screen which details points on licence according to seriousness of offence.

In addition, the ball should ideally have some forward spin so that the attacker can use this forward momentum in his or her attacking hit. Ideally, the attacker must be unpredictable to the opposition, ensuring the direction and speed of the attack can not be predicted by the defense until the hit takes place.

That is part of her interview transcript back when she lost to Garbine in French Open A player touches the ball a second time within a turn. The ball touches the ground outside the court.

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Since the linesmen are relatively far away from the referee, he or she is also responsible for observing the sidelines on his side of the field.

Do you see any comparison? The main reason for these differences is due to the fact that the ball can bounce once between each player's hit, resulting in differing strategies to volleyball.

It must not be pushed away out of the holding hand in an attempt to surprise the opponent, as this will also count as an error.

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As the bounce of the ball indoors is more predictable, short balls are not as effective. A fistballer prepares to serve the ball A difficult, yet highly effective variation to the serve is to add curve to the hit.

The sport was mainly played by gymnasts and was soon seen as a gymnastic sport. The first Fistball World Championship was held for men inand for women in The development of fistball was halted by the Second World War.

Next screen shows 5 icons. Due to the rapid spread of the fistball game and improved game skills, further changes in the rules were necessary, with a greater focus on winning points through forcing errors.

Marija Post author January 20, at Forehand11 Exactly what i was talking about. Field[ edit ] Dimensions of an outdoor fistball field Fistball is not a seasonal sport. Substitutions may be Free malaysia dating website at any position field, but only before that team is about to serve, during a time out, between sets, or whenever the referee has stopped play.

If done correctly, the ball should appear to curve away from or into the opposition, confusing their return. You all need to explain how it works with clothes she looks slimmer with this outfit than how she looked with the previous one, all toned and stuff, with her boobies on fleek lucky me Another thing, how old is she?

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The ball is hit mostly with the inner surface of the fist, due to control. Our technology can be found in virtually every industry. If the ball is set for the attack by hitting the ball in the air and allowing for a bounce, this is called an indirect set. In order to be a good attacker, he or she must also be competent in setting the ball.

Below top left icon showing small picture of a policeman click on Mas Info which produces another screen with same but larger picture.

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Therefore, the setter moves to the rear foul line to assist on defense.