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With unique mix between traditional doom riffing, stoner doom, elements of 70s proto-metal and some blackish influences, Abysmal Darkening managed to create a new form of audio sonic terrorrism.

The recording techniques are made so as to generate a total immersion into the resonant body of instruments, to give to the listener a deep perception of sound waves. Under the banner of war, hate and blasphemy a landscape of blood freezing nihilism was created here.

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This is the beginning of the end. I" CD - Quote from label: All songs from the album were written in year and were released as two vinyls "Same Time Same Place" and "Metamorphosis" in year.

If all the Shinjuku Thief albums which preceded it suggest the ghostly existence of a dark world, "black ice" delivers the map, the accelerator and the searing pain upon arrival.

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Constructed March - May A bit of a cross between Xasthur, Thergothon, Unholy, Speed dating ce soir early Ancient Wisdom, while giving a nod to the unique and memorable riffing of the first two Eyes of Ligeia albums.

Discouraging, shining, naturally isolationist. High powered hooks, angular fuzz, and venomous lyrics all further Online dating in abuja this trio in the guts of the current scud rock movement.

Highly recommended for fans of extreme, way-out avant-guitar spazz and absurdly technical deathgrind.

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Great project featuring Imperial from Krieg. Brutality spills quickly over the listener and, as soon as one dares to think he has survived the chaos, a crushing and devastating plague of slow, dense riffing spreads around like a massive mist of illness.


The depth and quality is tangible in every hair-raising moment, it is honest, textured sound and far more beautiful than a description can attest. Limited edition of copies.

The second part describes the six realms which, according to the Buddhist tradition, symbolizes six destructive emotions: Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night.

Crude sound, non-politically correct lyrics, a big fuck off! He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. Imagine a lethal concoction of Cephalic Carnage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer and Acid Bath and you can soon see that this is one record that will floor anyone within a ten mile radius [Label: Compilation" CD-R - With: This twelve-song, twenty-one minute disc features a unique, glitched-out chop shop of Planet Mu-style beats delivered at truly meth'd levels of chaos fused with sweeping technical death metal.


Each year in October, Artprice publishes an overview of the global Contemporary art market. Limited to 50 copies. The old cult still alive! Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor's exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path.

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Most of the time the guitar is a monstrous hollowed-out wall of buzzing, but sometimes an actual black metal riff takes shape, a simple, sometimes surprisingly catchy riff churning in all of the high-end fuzzed out chaos, slipping in and out of focus or morphing into a weird chiming, almost "poppy" melody as the band's wall of black noise shifts in intensity.

It is primarily a product of the concerns Lunde still have and expressed in his book "Prison Sex", from which the majority of the text on this album is taken from with the latent cruelty Speed dating ce soir humans in regards to their alleged relationship with a fabricated supernatural being and how is it that religious people have to prove nothing, but the atheist ones have to prove everything.

The nine tracks featured here revolve around the mythology of the war goddess, the spectre of doom that lurks at the edge of the battlefield, and begins at the heart of a roiling black blizzard and proceeds through a charred nightmare soundscape of icy corroded black metal riffs, fractured blasting, melancholic melodies blurred and smeared into malevolent new shapes, and scathing distorted witch-screams ripping through the blackness, all doused and drowned in Merzbowian levels of feedback and distortion abuse.

Known until' now under the name Darkest Hate. Exquisite sounds for sophisticated listeners.