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There are many show mines in the Black Forest.

The importance of the timber resources of the Black Forest has also increased sharply recently due to the increasing demand for wood pellets for heating. Apart from that, it is only discernible from a large number of cirques mainly facing northeast.

By the 5th and 6th centuries B. As most of the long, straight pine logs were transported downriver for shipbuilding in the Netherlandsthey were referred to as "Dutchmen".

This is due to the frequent light winds and greater cloud cover in summer. South of the Kinzig the bunter sandstone zone narrows to a fringe in the east of the mountain range.

On the exposed east side of the Central Black Forest, it is much drier again. However, temperatures do not fall evenly with increasing elevation, nor does the rainfall increase uniformly.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The dominant rocks of the basement are gneiss ortho- and paragneisses, in the south also migmatites and diatexitesfor example on the Schauinsland and Kandel.

In the south lies the zone of Badenweiler-Lenzkirch, in which Palaeozoic rocks have been preserved volcanite and sedimentary rockswhich are interpreted as the intercalated remains of a microcontinental collision.

On the western edge a descending, step-fault -like, foothill zone borders the Upper Rhine Graben consisting of rocks of the Triassic and Jurassic periods. To the east and north are the nappes of the Upper Bunter platten sandstones and red clays.

The Black Forest supplied raw materials and energy for the manufacture of forest glass.

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They settled and first colonized the valleys, crossing the old settlement boundarythe so-called "red sandstone border", for example, from the region of Baar.

Later during the Middle Eocene a rifting period affected the area and caused formation of the Rhine graben. This branch of industry boomed in the 18th century and led to large-scale clearances.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message Topography of the Black Forest The Black Forest consists of a cover of sandstone on top of a core of gneiss and granites. This glacial geomorphology characterizes almost all of the High Black Forest as well as the main ridge of the Northern Black Forest.

Stone Age mining of haematite as red pigment near Sulzburg. Especially in the Northern Black Forest are a number of other, smaller tarns. Still further in the southeast around Todtmoos is a range of exotic inclusions: The small mining settlement of Wittichen near Schenkenzell in the upper Kinzig valley had many pits in which in barytecobalt and silver of many kinds were mined.

Small liquid magmatic deposits of nickel-magnetite gravel in norite were mined or prospected in the Hotzenwald forest near Horbach and Todtmoos. Precipitation[ edit ] Winter on the Schauinsland.

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There are still tarns in some of these old cirques, partly a result of the anthropogenic elevation of the low-side lip of the cirque, such as the MummelseeWildseeSchurmseeGlaswaldseeBuhlbachseeNonnenmattweiher and Feldsee. Numerous reservoirs like the — formerly natural but much smaller — Schluchsee with the other lakes of the Schluchseewerkthe Schwarzenbach Reservoirthe Kleine Kinzig Reservoir or the Nagold Reservoir are used for electricity generationflood protection or drinking water supply.

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With the expansion of the railway and road network as alternative transportation, rafting largely came to an end in the late 19th century. Another boom began in the early 18th century after the loss of the Alsace to France.

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Climate[ edit ] Climatically the mountain range differs from its surrounding countryside in having lower temperatures and higher rainfall. Today, fir trees, especially those which are very tall and branchless to a great height, are shipped mainly to Japan.

Forestry[ edit ] Trunks of White Fir from Gersbach hold up the largest unsupported wooden roof in the world at Expo For several centuries logs from the Black Forest were Dating vergleich schweiz down the EnzKinzigMurgNagold and Rhine rivers for use in the shipping industry, as construction timber and for other purposes.

Soon afterwards, increasingly higher areas and adjacent forests were colonized, so that by the end of the 10th century, the first settlements could be found in the red bunter sandstone region.

With the exception of Roman settlements on the perimeter e. In the central Black Forest, the tectonic syncline of the Kinzig and Murg emerged. Non-ferrous metal mining in the Black Forest continued until the middle of the 20th century near Wildschapbach and on the Schauinsland to ; fluorite and baryte are still mined today at the Clara Pit in the Rankach valley in Oberwolfach.

An important mining area was the Kinzig valley and its side valleys. Especially in this direction snow accumulated on the shaded and leeward slopes of the summit plateau to form short cirque glaciers that made the sides of these funnel-shaped depressions.

The global advertising impact of Expo fuelled a resurgence of timber exports. The effects of the storm are demonstrated by the Lothar Patha forest educational and adventure trail at the nature centre in Ruhestein on a highland timber forest of about 10 hectares that was destroyed by a hurricane.