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It remained to be the most commercially successful song of SM Station to-date. She devours it quickly, and Hyun-min asks her for a favor — to give him three hours of her time from 9 p.

They rescue Butler Kim, who resigns immediately and calls his grandsons devils.

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They barely acknowledge her, but they do remember to reprimand her. Jerk 2 hurries to Ha-won and offers his credit card, practically begging her to take it, heh.

Ha-won witnesses a man in front of her dismount his motorcycle and beat four guys to a pulp before reclaiming a purse.

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Hyun-min prepares to intervene with his wallet. A white limo pulls up in front of her, and Hyun-min emerges with a smirk.

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Hye-ji pays a visit, curious about his date, but he firmly tells her to mind her own business and stop obsessing over him. He questions whether or not she has any pride behaving like this. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character.

Ha-won requests that he pay her in cash, and he agrees to do so, but only if he gets a little something in return.

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Entertainment's official Japanese fan club. It was deemed by the media as a success, setting a precedent in a Korean market which stigmatized concerts held by a single girl group members on the basis that they could not be profitable.

He decides to go buy some meals at the convenience store and asks Ha-won to heat up all of them. It is exclusive to members of S. College Snsd members dating 2016 the other alternative, and now there are none. But he has no qualms about buying people with money, so Ha-won asks him to prove he has the means to buy her time.

Speaking of surprise appearances, Ji-woon arrives outside the wedding hall, looking rather conflicted about showing up. Back at her little workspace, Hye-ji proudly holds up her finished dress and shows it to Ji-woon.

They enter together, their long strides slowed down for full flower boy effect. Unperturbed, he finds nothing wrong with it, since he included emojis. She first contributed her vocals to "" featuring Kangtaa track taken from both Girls' Generation's eponymous debut album and Kangta's fourth studio album, Eternity Ji-woon denies his relation to someone like Hyun-min, and Hyun-min finally leaves.

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To the wedding, perhaps? Unfazed, Ji-woon retorts that he may become the company heir, which causes Hyun-min to scoff. Hyun-min and Ha-won enter the building, and a dazzling array of designer shoes, accessories, and a lacy white dress are all laid out for her. She pushes his head down, and whips out her fist again to make him comply.

She asks him why, and he answers that his grandpa is ill and desperately wants to see him tied down before he dies. Hyun-min is smitten, and he snaps photos of her license plate to seek her out.

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Ha-won Benefits of dating an older woman an apology, and she gets it immediately from the jerk still reeling from her stunt. Ha-won is visibly upset and is alarmed to learn that five million won is owed in overdue fees.