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Women, too, are finding themselves busier than before.

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We can understand that Chinese people have been getting married for thousands of years, as one attendant stated the obvious. Timed to coincide with Singles' Day, an annual commemoration for those looking for love on 11 November the "ones" in the numerical date represent "bare sticks", a term for "bachelors"this year's date was all the more auspicious because six "ones" in Mandarin sounds like the idiom "one life, one lifetime" or "forever".

About 80 percent of people in Shanghai are somehow able to find their own marriage partners. Honestly we felt exausted after all the walking so we went back near our hotel, and just found the nearest small local restaurant.

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Its specialty is the famous Xiao Long Bao, the steamed soup dumplings. China's long idealized tradition of continuing their family lineage is very important within Chinese culture.

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Dad pays the fees. That is because the government banned horse racing and gambling in general actually. But of course, you can skip this part as we went there due to its proximity to our hotel.

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Ten years later, the Shanghai matchmaking corner has its own name, and it is THE main event at this park on the weekends. Now more women seek to find a responsible man with personal integrity instead of just a high paying job.

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You can see how much marriage is important in the Chinese culture, and how far parents are willing to go to find the perfect match for their children. Estimates of those attending ranged from 10, to 40, The fish we took was absolutely delicious.

Can you imagine if a picture of your crazed mother brandishing your photo in the park Shanghai matchmaking event up in your social media circle?!

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Tons of parents wanted to chat, and we heard that some even cut in line. The minute we stepped inside the park, we were surrounded by people, signs, and fanned out umbrellas lining the grounds along the pathways.

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Shanghai is kind of an urban experiment stage for a carefully controlled planning. But there is no mention of personality, hobbies, beliefs, likes, or dislikes. You need to carefully bite the top of the dumpling and eat out the soup first.

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The standards of finding the right match may be based upon but not limited to age, [1] height, [1] job, [1] income, education, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, [1] and personality. Walk through the street and follow the people.

You will also find beautiful tea houses around the old street.

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A must try in Shanghai! It might have something to do with cost: If a man doesn't own an apartment, it's an obstacle for him, even if he loves his girlfriend very much. In far-flung areas, the figures are even more startling: When it comes to the male-to-female singleton ratio, Shanghai is beginning to buck the national trend.

But what has drastically changed is the older generations viewpoint on the subject—they agree with the younger generation, with the two most important qualities in a wife being "elegance and a decent career path," quite a change from "diligence and the willingness to suffer the burden Radiometric dating dinosaur bones life".

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We went to the Nest, and we really enjoyed the atmosphere there. If they feel the family comes across all right, then their kids were most likely to have been raised well, which is why such events are very well received by parents. The number of people getting married in China has decreased by almost half in the last 20 years.