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Perks of dating a guy shorter than younger, try dating shorter men

I think women should dress like they normally would for a date.

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Some styles were never meant for shorter men, for example: A taller man might see himself as being able to get a girl whenever he wants and may be more likely to stray.

I've seen taller men rudely strike up a conversation with someone's date just because he was shorter.

Why shouldn't women overlook shorter guys as future partners?

Whether monochromatic or contrasting, try to keep lighter and brighter colors up to keep the attention near his face rather than toward his feet.

I know all too well that heels do make women taller, but more importantly I know it makes your legs shapelier.

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I've always dated taller women, and I've never had an issue with my dates wearing heels. When a shorter man appears with a taller date, some taller men somehow tend to think she's open for stealing away.

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The most important key is choosing styles that are proportioned well and flatter a shorter proportion. It's been well documented, pound for pound, shorter men have greater endurance, stronger muscles, faster reaction times, faster body movement and are less likely to break bones.

Why shouldn't women overlook shorter guys as future partners? Plaids and checks need to be small or subdued so as not to overpower your entire body.

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Stripes tend to give the illusion of height. We love beautiful legs as much as the next guy. Steer clear of those that aren't flattering to him.

Every season there are multiple fashion trends. If it holds true that shorter men don't have as many dating opportunities, if nothing else, I think shorter men would try harder to be funny, caring, empathetic, honest, hardworking — and just be a gentleman.

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Most short men wear their clothes too big, though [that's] partially not their fault because of the lack of options. Shorter men have lower incidences of cardiovascular disease when comparing taller men with the same health conditions.

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I don't believe that would be an issue for a shorter man. In that case, the rationale might be that they are more loyal. Shorter men live longer.

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Third, choose patterns that flatter his height and girth. Confidence can make anything look better. It would be respectful to ignore such jerks.

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I think if after dating a while they notice it may be an issue, perhaps as a token of consideration they could wear flats. Look high and low — but especially low.

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The wider you are, the wider the stripe. Perhaps she enjoys cuddling and nuzzling, and height would play a role in that. Short, average and tall women seem to mostly prefer taller men, but one must consider what type of intimacy is important to the individual woman.

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