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Richard Robles, a young white man, was ultimately apprehended in after investigators erroneously arrested and forced a false confession from a black man, George Whitmore, who was completely innocent of the crime. July 13, — Dominick Ciscone, a year-old aspiring mobster, is shot and killed while hanging out with friends on Smith Street in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, the only homicide to occur during that year's blackout.

August 22, — John Wojtowicz and Salvatore Natuarale hold up a Brooklyn bank for 14 hours, in a bid to get cash to pay for Wojtowicz's gay lover's sex change operation.

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No other suspects have ever emerged. That, in a way, is the message of J. Moore's family sued the NYPD over what they felt was inadequate attention to the case compared to later cases involving young white women.

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The identity of the child, dubbed "Baby Hope," is unknown until Octoberwhen year-old Conrado Juarez is arrested after confessing to killing the girl, his cousin Anjelica Castillo, and dumping her body. Between andSeda will wound 5 and kill 3 in his serial attacks. Davis was stabbed to death in jail in A year-old student, Ari Halberstam later dies of his wounds.

Tensions among the gang over how the money was to be divided and some members' failure to keep a low profile in the wake of the crime led to the deaths or disappearances of 10 of those involved in the next few months, many of them believed to have been killed or ordered by Lucchese soldier Jimmy Burke although no one suspected of being directly involved was ever arrested Penn hook up new york times charged not least because many died first.

The theft, which remained undiscovered for two days, was at the time the highest-valued cargo theft at the airport; [26] it has since been exceeded by the Lufthansa heist perpetrated by some of the same criminals, including Hill.

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Police believe the murder was either revenge for something Coleman's brother had done, or that he was mistaken for his brother. December 17, — Patrick Daly, principal of P.

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The attack, which is being investigated as a hate crime hearkened back to the killing of Michael Griffith in Despite several promising anonymous tips to police around the killing's 20th anniversary init remains unsolved as of On April 14, two NYPD officers responded to an apparent call for assistance from a detective at a Harlem address that turned out to be a mosque used by the Nation of Islam.

The pair were not arrested until October, and would eventually serve over a decade in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Smith also perished in the blaze. Eighteen-year-old Gino Bova was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in The blatant, deliberate nature of the killing resulted in widespread outrage, with President Ronald Reagan personally calling the Byrne family to offer condolences.