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As soon as a date starts on a community lot, the Sim's Wants will reroll to involve interactions with the other Sim. To create an unfriendly relationship between two Sims, have them do actions such as 'Be Rude' and 'Complain'.

Fgvd When you are on best friends be rude or complain then it will take you back to good friends then you go into a budding romance hope it helped Posted on: The higher value the ring is, the more likely the Sim will accept.

If a Sim proposes to his or her partner during a date, and the proposal is accepted, the date meter will immediately climb to Dream Date. You will be prompted to buy an engagement ring. A married couple can buy a crib and have a baby click on the crib and you will be prompted to create the baby.

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Jazzierox, Jan 7 [] Answers Closed Answer from: Jan 19 [] Answer from: Back to My Place. As a pair of Sims advance through each stage, a certain amount of Simoleons and XP will be received.

Can't get past best friends

Going to work or school. This won't make both Sims fall in love either. Date score hits rock bottom. The wants could only be to talk, entertain, and play with. One single flower Good Date: A friend of the Sim's date might make a call for an outing to get to know each others.

How do you go beyond best friends?

The Sims will get 2: However, a college's secret society cannot be accessed while Sims are dating, nor can Sims start a date there. Mar 20 [] Answer from: When the timer runs out, the date will automatically end.

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Just make them have a conversation and keep doing it eventually the bar will raise Continue to Raise in pink. After a Sim goes on a date with another Sim, sometimes the Sim who was asked on the date will make a call and ask if you want to go on a date again.

A Sim may have multiple Partners, but any romantic interaction with one Partner will lead to the other s to dislike the current Partner.

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Using this ask interaction will send Sim home and end the date simultaneously. Then you can get past best friends. Mzpurrdy I have raised my best friend status level to an almost complete status in the best friend category.