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Where do I find a photograph or chart that I saw in the newspaper? TimesMachine works like an online map; you can choose an article, then click, drag and zoom the paper to focus on interesting areas.

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Your digital subscription includes access to the New York Times archives. Can't find what you're looking for?

What is the refund policy for the Article Archive? TimesMachine is a browser-based digital replica of every edition of The New York Times published between and How can I access an article I have already purchased in the Archive? Review our Help topics or chat with one of our Customer Care advocates.

It contains the bibliographic information for the selected article and the word count. Full articles published in this date range are free with your digital subscription.

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Backcopies of The New York Times from the last 90 days can be ordered directly from the newspaper by calling We do not offer a refund for articles purchased through our Article Archive. Copying or storing any article for other than personal, noncommercial use requires permission from The New York Times.

I have a digital subscription.

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Access to Times Machine requires a paid digital subscription. Full articles published in this date range are free, but count toward your monthly limit.

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How do I find an obituary using the Article Archive? Because the article is displayed as an image, the text is not searchable within Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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What part of the article is searched when I use the Article Archive? Photographs and illustrations may not be included with some archived articles published since How do I contact Customer Care?

To access an article you have already purchased, make sure that you are logged in with the account used to purchase the article, then navigate back to the article page via NYTimes.

From this free preview, you may decide to purchase the full article. A free, full abstract or text preview is available for almost every article published in this date range.

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Do I get a discount in the Article Archive?