Nick Grimshaw joins X Factor despite plunging ratings for his Radio 1 show | Daily Mail Online Nick Grimshaw joins X Factor despite plunging ratings for his Radio 1 show | Daily Mail Online

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This seems Nick grimshaw dating be proved when Sarah gets pregnant but the baby, a boy Todd named Billy, died shortly after being born prematurely following a placental abruption.

Eileen does so, but she later regrets it when Lesley beats her up and physically throws her out of her own home.

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Although they tried for another child, she learned she was infertile as one of her Fallopian tubes became blocked after the miscarriage. Details are sketchy, but it is understood the DJ will be allowed to juggle his jobs and more than double his six-figure Radio 1 salary for joining Cheryl and Rita on the judging panel.

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Acting on Tony's advice, Todd looked for ways to save money and bought cheap wood to do a loft conversion for Tyrone Dobbs at 9 Coronation Street without informing Jason. Leanne convinced her stepmother that she should not tell the other girls about it and keep the winnings for themselves.

During Leanne's 30th birthday party, Stella confessed to Leanne that she was her mother, also revealing that Eva was her half-sister.

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George tried to use the alcoholism against Peter to get custody of Simon for himself. Leanne was held back from going into the burning building to rescue him and he was later rescued by Jason Grimshaw. Nick went back to Canada and Leanne took what financial offer she could get from Gail as a divorce settlement.

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But it fizzled out — it went absolutely nowhere. She's a very together person [ Leanne and Danny eventually accepted that their respective relationships were over and consequently decided to reunite. Paul reveals he is leaving the Street to work in North Yorkshire, upsetting Eileen.

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She tells Eileen that he introduced himself as Jason Grimshaw and asks Eileen to give Holly back but Eileen refuses and throws her out, threatening to call the police.

Eileen then learns that Todd cheated on his former boyfriend Jools Creme Ben Allen as he had an affair with a man named Alex.


During Lily's christening in Octoberthe truth about David's hate campaign and Nick and Kylie's one-night stand emerged. Paul walks out and goes to The Rovers soon followed by Eileen who asks for forgiveness.

Neil leaves for work, however tells Andrea and Lloyd that he will not completely severe ties with Andrea due to Jess. He turned up a couple of days later, but it transpired that Todd had been in debt to a man named Alex Hughes who Todd borrowed money from for a holiday, but did a runner.

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