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Arthur is sentenced to jail because of a shocking scam and the family eventually lose all their wealth and holdings.

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Without guardians, the four Buena children experience bullying, financial hardship, and the cruel realities of life as well as waves of opposition, repression, and persecution. The two had met in one of San Jose's concerts.

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The show ended after its 11th week. However, as her life was just starting to get better, Celine discovers that she is actually adopted and that her real mother is Josephine, the same woman who ruined and devastate her perfect life also the cause behind all the troubles and evils and the conflicting events triggered which she has caused against the Buenas.

She played the lead role in primetime drama series Kahit Nasaan Ka Man where she played a visually impaired but musically talented girl named Pauline Gomez. In JuneSan Jose released her second solo studio album, entitled Deeper via iTunes worldwide and spinnr. Musical direction was by Marc Lopez and concert director was Rico Gutierrez.

He helps her bring the Buena family back on track. A Wazak Love Storyand Status: As she evolved as a performer, San Jose was able to showcase her singing, dancing, and acting abilities onstage.

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Their beautiful children Celine, Darling, Edwin, and Faye, all study in exclusive schools. Josephine poses as a new investor who later claims she was ruthlessly scammed by Arthur.

She was paired with Kristofer Martin who played her love interest. Tensions start to trigger between Bettina and Josephine. This birthday concert entitled Julie Anne: Cast and characters[ edit ]. But the cause of all these evils is Josephine.

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The videos will be distributed worldwide by GMA Records. Now she plans to exact revenge on Arthur and ruin the Buena family in the process. But their friendship is thwarted by his wily domineering mother Sandra and his awfully-scheming mistress Iris.

She finds a job under Harry, a good-hearted businessman who admires Celine's determination. She was also part of the now defunct Sunday musical variety show Sunday All Stars as one of the lead performers.