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As you can tell, ten years ago, I was nowhere close to being a millionaire. Helpful Advice From a Colleague For my first job, I worked as an insurance adjuster, so I was the guy you talked to if you were in a car accident.

When I first started with the government, I ranked at the lowest grade level among my peers. It was a self-inflicted wound, and I had nobody to blame but myself.

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Since I was a freshly-minted graduate, I received a ton of advice from some well-meaning people. She quickly discovered Aldi one of the best low cost grocery chainsand began spending more time searching for deals and coupons at regular grocery stores as well.

My wife and I love to go on walks, and one night we noticed that a neighbor was throwing out some awesome baby stuff. Things are always subject to change, and I have no idea whether these benefits could be reduced down the road. I was fortunate to graduate from college without student loans.

With all the effort you've put into getting where you are in life, we know you deserve to find the right person to share it all with. I was able to save almost every dollar that I made. We picked up free kids clothes from yard sale leftovers and various curb alerts.

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The only problem was that I needed more accounting credits in order to qualify for the position. My future home down payment was growing rapidly.

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So what has happened since then? Up until that point, I had never really paid attention to cutting costs at the grocery store. I started really shopping for deals on groceries and making sure that I was being efficient with every penny.

There were rooms in the house that were completely empty.

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However, as boring as it sounds, all we did was live below our means and were consistent in investing our Multi millionaire dating site. We asked if they were really tossing the stuff, and they confirmed.

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That included TWO double strollers and kids toys with the toy box! The summer before my senior year of college, I decided to stay at school and take as many summer courses as I could.

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We love and respect each other. My Background Let me give a little background on how I reached this point.

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Our meals became decided on whatever was on sale in the weekly circulars.