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It is sufficient, really, that they are women, period.

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The governor of Missouri within which many Mormons lived, believing Jackson County had been the site of the Garden of Eden, and that Jesus Christ would return thereordered them expelled from the state on pain of death. Members of the Church are asked to participate in service projects, ranging from ones so individual as helping someone move into a new house, to larger-scale rebuilding projects after natural disasters.

Legend for Consequences Suffered (CS):

Consider it a parallel to Christianity Is Catholic: It is thought that as the bible was copied down by hand, people would read doctrine that might've contradicted or confused their personal beliefs and values, and would've had the text altered slightly to more closely read to what they believed.

What God is, man may become.

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Even at its height in the late s it seems that only a minority of Church membership ever actually practiced plural marriage.

It is sometimes entitled the "Inspired Version".

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After a hard winter in Nebraska, the first wagon train, led by Young himself struck out across the Plains.

More than any other thing, it will be a climate of fear, anxiety, and powerlessness that will create dependency in ways that lead to sexual addictions of various kinds, which we know are rampant in our communities.

Young proclaimed the site to be "the right place.

The Standard Works

Was he just pretending? We have to take responsibility for one another, we have to help one another. A rough analogy would be a modern republic: A "stake" is composed of several wards, and a stake has a stake president and his two counselors to preside over it.

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Within a year of arriving, Deseret found itself a part of the United States as a result of Mexico's defeat in the Mexican-American War.

The previous leader is currently serving 10 years for being an accomplice to the rape of a minor, and no successor has been officially confirmed.

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He has not gained a physical body, mainly because in order to dwell within someone, a physical body would significantly impede His purpose.

The main body of the Church resettled in Illinois, in and around a small town named Commerce. Polygamy was introduced in by the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

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Soon, the jail was assaulted by a mob, and Smith and his brother, Hyrum, were shot and killed. They invite those they are teaching sometimes referred to as "investigators" to learn more, to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to God to know the truth of their message, and to make commitments correlating to the principles of repentance.

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Paradise is where generally good people go to await final judgment. It was common for mobs to force church members from their communities, threatening to kill them if they did not leave.

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Local Organization The Church geographically organizes its membership across the world into "wards" and "stakes".

Moroni directed Smith to the plates' location, but warned him not to take them just yet.

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After encountering one very attractive woman who greeted us at the door wearing little more than a half-open robe, I waited until we were well down the road before letting loose a tirade of anger and frustration.

His family was greatly interested in religion, and different members ended up joining different sects. Lee, the militia leader, was executed by the territorial government twenty years later after being excommunicated by the Church.

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A copy of the full document can be found here.