Miranda Kerr spouts some VERY alternative wisdom during Twitter Q&A | Daily Mail Online Miranda Kerr spouts some VERY alternative wisdom during Twitter Q&A | Daily Mail Online

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The fact that he's a not-so-closeted gay and his pals are too apparently flew under the radar of the hypocritical openly gay producer of his show, who likes to keep his male stars closeted and is not happy that photos of the trip are circulating. They never got around to talking about sex.

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It turns out the actor dates every woman he is with differently. She never works anymore. This B list actress who is known for basically one Miranda kerr hook up justin bieber flew out for meetings with attorneys and the father of her child.

To no one in particular. Our actress typically awakens around noon. How many times has our actress fallen over a piece of living room furniture and ended up practically naked on the floor and yelling at some maid she fired a few weeks earlier about moving stuff.

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Everyone assumed it was because of something going on in her life, but the whispers are that she has decided to stop taking her meds and no one can convince her to start again. She was tired just watching, but he made her participate in everything.

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When she talked to another actress though, she said that when they dated, he would sit in a room and just read or stare at the television and that in the six months they dated, they had sex once or twice.

Besides, I heard that you were fun and this could be just a hookup. She is still a B lister, but barely. The former lover hung up on the singer and told him to call when he was ready to be honest with himself and others.

One other actress says that when she dated the actor he was always cleaning himself. The something starlet called her dad to complain, but he just said: She has been in this space before for her rules and such, but for the past month she has been yelling and screaming at him for no reason.

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If her daughter has brought home friends, sometimes our actress will bother to change out of her robe and into clothes. His current girlfriend is totally on board with it after getting her phone filled with angry texts from the ex-wife.

Was at the dentist.


By the time her offspring come home from school, our actress has a good buzz on. Apparently the father has not been paying what he promised because his significant other still doesn't know that he is a dad.

The barely legal wannabe actress has been posing in the buff for her boyfriend, but pals say she should be more concerned about him leaking the "audition photos" on the Internet!

Aren't you in a relationship? Together, these two rappers will tell you to expect a "Cruel Winter". She says that when she met the actor he was in character.

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Matthew Morrison "Glee" Yes, well he also calls himself God.