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I hope to see more projects of her in the future!!!! As soon as she goes, they scramble to put some clothes back on, nearly trading underpants in the process. Reply linds 3 years ago. Ki-tae thinks confrontation can be avoided, but Jang-mi has learned a thing or two about relationships, and knows that there is no difference between marriage and dating when it comes to Mom.

Yeo-reum calls Ki-tae to tell him as much, and reports that Jang-mi fell for it and ran off crying. Report NappeunNyeon And i want to add that your comment is kinda contradictory. He laughs that they really are similar, and it worries him.

Ki-tae watches his mother dejectedly and follows her home for a confrontation. You say it's too open minded for western standards, than you say it's just "underwear lying around"! This drama's ep 11 was up within a few hours subbed at dramabay. She still thinks Jang-mi is frying chicken all day, and finally hears that she opened a restaurant with her friends.

The cast, the scenes, it made me laugh and i was moved, especially with the relationship between GongGiTae's mother and Joo Jang Mi!!!!

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Im Ye-jin as Na So-nyeo, Jang-mi's mother She and her husband run a chicken and soju restaurant, and are constantly bickering. Maybe we can see a different side of Yeoreum and that bitch Seah About 4 years ago. Ha, of course she did. She gets him to massage her legs again and starts to say something haltingly, and he interrupts to say that she should let him say this stuff first.


Lee Yeon-kyung as Soo-hwan's mistress. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Gi-tae enjoys solitude too much to settle down, much to the dismay of his parents. Her friend started to feel attracted to him when she knew Joo Jang Mi was completely over him and at that time she thought her relationship with Gong Gi Tae was real!

They can all be friends now! Park Jun-gyu as Joo Kyung-pyo, Jang-mi's father He and his wife are so happy and excited to have a future doctor son-in-law, that Jang-mi is unable to tell her parents the real score between her and Gi-tae.

They proceed to get sloshed on makgulli, and Jang-mi muses that Mom must still love Dad to cover for him like that. Jang-mi watches all of this unfold with makgulli in her hand, and starts to coax herself to calm down as we catch up to the opening scene.

Did she just sum up all mothers and daughters-in-law in one pithy statement? And the stupid guy didn't really loved her that much, so it's okay.

Mom just spins on her heels and walks out without a word. Report MNDfan Your comment really fired me up, it's just sooooo Marriage not dating watch online gooddrama to claim to speak for the wesetrn world as if you know "western standard".

This plot in itself is not new to western stories but what made it unique is the fact that the asian conservatism yes asia is far more conservative than westerners, wake up!

It is not about disagreeing or not, but being polite about your comment, keep the good work! To make matters worse, Ki-tae comes out only half-dressed in a robe.

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At least this time around was nice to read your comment. I wait for gooddrama to Tvd torrey devitto dating it because i like to read the comments and keep in touch with the community but somehow i am slowly seen switching from here to another site.

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He puts the flowers in her hand and looks up with his best puppy eyes, and pwahahaha, he does this… wiggle. He brings up marriage and says that since he broached the topic, she can say honestly if she wants to get married.

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Is this the first drama you've everr seen? Kim Young-ok as Noh Geum-soon Gi-tae's grandmother, and the only member of his family who approves of Jang-mi.