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If you plan to attach the unit to a powerboat, do so on the superstructure and pick an antenna with six- or nine-dB gain.

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Actual waterproofing in more than three feet of water. Comes with a charger. Features What are some important features to look for on a VHF marine radio?

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Then again, if the electrical system goes down in an emergency, you will need a handheld. Short but effective The Shakespeare Centennial is half as tall as the Military call signs[ edit ] Main article: Unused suffixes can be used for other call signs that do not fall into the standard call sign matrix, for example the unused Scorpio dating scorpio call sign is used to refer to the Company Sergeant Major.

The Centennial features a copper plated exterior that helps it resist dings and nicks.

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The features listed below may cost you extra, but they can provide you with greater value in your purchase. Consistent call signs can aid in this monitoring, so in wartime, military units often employ tactical call signs and sometimes change them at regular intervals.

Some common conventions are followed in each country. Any screws that are loose will eventually rattle free and fall out.

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Standard Horizon is so confident in this radio that it has backed it up with a 3 year warranty that covers all water related breakages. Shorter than a standard CB antenna. It attaches to the frame of your boat. Never Misses a Transmission Uniden has a reputation for making tough, reliable marine electronics products.

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Loss While a high antenna gain can be useful when it comes to boosting your signal, you need to pay attention to the cables you use as well. You will max out around miles. You are stuck with line of sight transmissions, so you can maximize both line of sight Marine radio hook up transmission range by mounting high.

Antenna As mentioned before, you have numerous options when it comes to antennas for fixed-mount units. On top of that, they are portable. Good Great for tall boats. To use it, you will need to purchase additional hardware in the form of an external waterproof speaker.

The device itself is waterproof, but the charging cradle is not.

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Bad The included screws have a tendency to rattle loose after a certain period of time. Protection from vertical drops and drops when the device is tilted up to 15 degrees. Range In terms of getting the best range, you are going to want to mount your antenna as high as possible.

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This is particularly important at sea, where many loud noises regularly occur—waves crashing, engine noise, high winds, rain, etc. This radio is JIS8 certified.

If you have a marine radio which includes DSC capability, then you will have to acquire a nine-digit maritime mobile service identity MMSI number.

The fiberglass will be of the highest quality and may even include an aircraft-grade finish.

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