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Here are fifty jokes from some of our greatest comedy icons.

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The common expectation is that people lie about their appearance and experience with their online profiles. The catchy melody and sing along chorus make for one of the most memorable and fun songs in country music history.

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My favorite part of the video is when the character actually finds love based on his real life persona rather than his online personality.

Either way Coe can count one of the funniest country songs in his collection. We can all probably think back to the first few times we tried some beer or liquor.

In Roger released one of his classic tunes Chug-a-Lug. The perfect woman right? Ah alcohol…such a great invention and a source of some great funny country songs.

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There is no reason to tell some white lies about ourselves online…even if it can make for a hilarious country song. It remains a funny favorite because of its sing along hooks and sense of humor. In San Francisco, very few babies are old enough to vote.

Funny Country Songs Part 4 | Hilarious, Ridiculous Songs

The songs verses and chorus soar in notes and ridiculousness and it all adds up to create one of the funniest country songs of all time.

The pine tar, the resin, the grass, the dirt. Oh, and what a campaign he put on! The song is John Deere Green and it tells the story of a young couple in love.

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Sometimes the most ridiculous stories make for the best funny country songs. I played a wall once. This time the song is Online. Besides two number one hits there has been a mix of songs that have missed or barely made the country top