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Lucahjin and protonjon dating, current projects:

When she moved into a house, she expressed relief that she wouldn't have to put up with such annoyances anymore. Her In-Universe reaction to Derk in her first Skyrim test stream.

The next Sage, AttackingTucans, borrows this catchphrase to use himself.

When it's done:

In-universehe and Jirard — after discussing whether M. In her Pokemon White LP, Lucah uses fire-type moves against Pokemon which are not weak to fire, on the basis that 'fur burns' or 'feathers burn'.

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Ever since she began using classic production music in her videos, Da Jodel-Rudel has quickly become her theme song—or at least the theme song for when she derps, which is often. Devolves into ineffectual sputtering and repeating the word, "WHAT?? In Ocarina of Time she calls out her guest LiamSixx for giving her bad advice: Especially notable in that this is her first platformer.

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Maybe Z-target is not the way to go. She was much chubbier in her earlier videos, yet fans still thought she was just as lovely.

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Emile and Jon even call her a horse once during Emile's Luigi's Mansion: Now she's dressed like she's at an anime convention or a hockey game. According to an interview he gave, the name "ProtonJon" started out as a mildly insulting high school nickname based on the weak connection that Jon was a fan of Proto Man from Mega Man Classic and they were studying protons in physics.

Previous Let's Plays:

She's also a good artist who posts occasional videos of herself drawing fanart, and she has a side-channel named Relaxajin for calming Let's Plays. Jon condenses the entire plot of Tri Force Heroes into a single paragraph. And then there's Pcullwho deliberately invokes this trope in the Shadow Temple.

If she decides to do more recording later, the noise has been known to start back up again.

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In Ocarina of Time, she sometimes inserts her own dialogue for Link aka "Fuck me" in a voice slightly resembling that of a Sassy Black Womanbut so far she's only had him flirting with the ladies as much as bragging about having an incredibly large penis counts as flirting anyway.

She opened a gift that was vibrating.

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Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Okay, so thanks for telling me the way not to go!