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The project aims at the Walled City development, at exploring and highlighting economic potential of the Walled City as a cultural heritage, exploring and highlighting the benefits of the SWDCL project for the residents, and at soliciting suggestions regarding maintenance of development and conservation of the Walled City.

Minar-e-Pakistanwhere the Pakistan Resolution was passed. Shaheed Ganj area being named after Sikhs who had been scalped and killed there during the Mughal empire.

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Ranaut was only seventeen while filming and said that she "had difficulty first in understanding and then unwinding from the character", describing her craft as "raw and immature".

Retrieved 10 March That is why, when one visits Lahore; he finds three different cities — each distinguished from other in one way or other.

Lahore enjoys a special position in the history of Pakistan Movement and Indian Independence Movement. Metro, playing the supporting role of Neha, a shrewd socialite engaged in an affair with her married boss played by Kay Kay Menon.

Denying the charges, Ranaut filed a counter-charge against Roshan, claiming that his lawsuit was an attempt to cover-up their affair for the benefit of his divorce proceedings. Post-independence till present[ edit ] Lahore is regarded as the heart of Pakistan and is now the capital of the Punjab province in the state of Pakistan.

Men Keep Hitting On Me". Retrieved 23 March Thind Joy, Jagmita 23 April The British first introduced Urdu as an official language in Punjab, [28] [29] including Lahore, allegedly due to a fear of Punjabi nationalism.

She shared the screenwriting credit with Apurva Asrani for improvising several dialogues on set, but Asrani commented against Ranaut and Mehta for not valuing his contributions to the script. Ranaut, who describes herself as "independent and confident", reflected that the role was one of the toughest she had played, as the character's personality traits contrasted with her own.

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He carefully developed a network of people through the length and breadth of India to collect funds and encourage volunteers, traveling widely throughout India attracting a following among pious Muslims.

Syed Ahmad Barelvi a Muslim nationalist received desperate pleas of help from the persecuted Muslims of the Punjab region. We aim to provide a secure environment for your matchmaking journey.

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Retrieved 21 March