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Observational and family comedy, with a routine on do-it-yourself home improvement concerning his efforts to make things around the house better, with the catchphrase "So I rewired it!

A comedian famous for his dirty mouth, he was actually jailed because of his routine in the '70s.

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I like tackling the stuff nobody else talks about, like the darkest, most serious thing about yourself. Was married to pop singer Katy Perrymaking all the things he said about her being his life and his reason for living Harsher in Hindsight. The first comedian made by the Internet, Cook became one of the most successful comedians of the s by promoting himself through Myspace and touring on the college circuit.

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The girl was ransomed by a French-Canadian family and ultimately joined a French Catholic convent; the two boys were each adopted by Mohawk families at Kahnawake and became thoroughly assimilated.

While he had other shows and films to his credit prior to these [such as I Spy ], it's his '80s work, including copious commercial endorsements, that looks to be his biggest legacy beyond his original stand-up.

His routine also frequently takes shots at Kathleen madigan lewis black married dating religion and drugs.

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Famous for his bohemian style of clothing, controversial behavior, and love of women. I am not racist. His stand-up frequently focuses on his personal shame, Running online dating often included bits where he reads from and comments on newspapers.

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He has appeared on stand up stages, talk shows, and occasional independent projects, but he has had no desire to reclaim the fame he walked away from at its height. Also shows up on Adventure Time as the voice of most of the minor female characters.

Bald, bespectacled actor and comedian known for his incredibly dark, ironic sense of humor. Irish comedian active throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Despite doing a lot of TV—particularly Mock the Week —he never left the stand-up circuit. A stand-up comedian and comedic actor whose style of comedy focuses on his love of fashion, hip-hop and food as well as commentary on dating and relationships.

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Started out in stand-up comedy and well-known for his off-color jokes. Inside Amy Schumer was picked up for a second season that began in I still remember as a kid watching one sport on television while my dad would listen to the other sport on the radio. Called his material stand up tragedy due to its grim and surreal content.

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Appeared in Joe Dante's The 'Burbs. Auditioned to be a Saturday Night Live cast member during the season, but was passed up in favor of Finesse Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.

The show features single-camera vignettes of Schumer playing "heightened versions" of herself. They hope they're right.