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On the importance of aging gracefully, in or out of Hollywood, Ms MacDowell said: The Luckiest Generation will be around for a long while yet, strumming their guitars and enjoying their concessionary fares, ensuring young people keep working to pay their pensions, outraged at demands they cash in their property wealth to fund their future in care homes.

In contrast, consider the children and grandchildren of this fortunate age group.

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You can hardly blame them for thinking the world belongs to them. We had become not merely the luckiest but also the most selfish generation in history.

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Last year, the total was just over— fewer than in any year since The Baby-Boomers fought for the right to wear Free gay dating nsw hair long and enjoy sex, said Francis Beckett For those with rich mummies and daddies, the way into tax-paying employment is that familiar feature of the early 21st century — taking jobs as the willing, unpaid office dogsbody or intern.

Share or comment on this article: Our parents made-do-and-mended through the austerity years.

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The sense of entitlement made ideas of duty to some collective entity the preserve of fools in old-style hats and coats. And who can blame them? The soaring cost of putting a roof over your head is surely one of the most unattractive — and pernicious — characteristics of the past 40 years.

Those of us lucky enough to go to university could take it for granted that the state would tax the Unlucky Generation that came before to pay our fees and demand nothing from us in return.

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However lately she has been busy playing a career-hungry woman with no private life on Jane by Design, and also recently shot a pilot for a new TV series called Cedar Grove, which stars Katharine Isabelle and Jesse Moss.

The close resemblance between Ms MacDowell and her daughters Rainey pictured left and Margaret right becomes more apparent as the girls follow their mother to Hollywood's hottest events Though the mother of three she also has a son to ex-husband Paul regularly takes Margaret and Rainey, who appeared as Miss Golden Globes this year, to a variety of events, she hesitant about having them follow in her footsteps as an actress.

I mean, it's not even tacky when you're young. Lucky Generation investors who followed the advice of property-porn television and got into buy-to-let schemes developed another way of taking money from the young and securing it for the old.

Their children and grandchildren, meanwhile, have been sent out into a plundered world, shackled by debt, unable to contemplate early home ownership or starting a family.

Our grandparents aspired to mangles and meat-safes. In southern Spain or rural France they watch Sky television, demand the assistance of British consuls paid for by their hard-working offspring and are begged by the big parties to register for postal votes.

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When terrorists flew into the Twin Towers, George Bush advised parents to take the children to Disney World The government elected in under the leadership of Major Attlee laboured to build the new Jerusalem in Britain, a crusade for the greater good which would slay the five giants of Want, Disease, Squalor, Ignorance and Idleness.

Unlike many young people, they vote — and their numbers in an ageing country are huge. Almost a million young people between 16 and 24 today have no work — for the jobs many might have expected to fill have been exported to China, India or Vietnam.

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When the first of the Baby-Boomers were beginning to think about settling down,homes were built in Britain. As our possessions grew, so did our expectations, to the point where luxuries became essentials.

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Not that we really admitted to our wealth. Share this article Share Those born at the end of the World War I spent their adolescence in the Depression and by their early 20s could expect to be wearing a military uniform and risking their lives.

Governments of some previous generations may have been colourless.


It is not just that the Boomers were the first generation in recent history to grow older while never having to fight in a war. As the Care Quality Commission report has revealed, some of the last survivors are lying in filthy hospital beds surrounded by uneaten food. And then the Luckiest Generation tut at the level of anti-social behaviour they claim to see.

The truth is, the Lucky Generation are in authority and have been for years now. But they would at least have had the wit to see through promises of Free Money, like the Private Finance Initiative the scheme under which private companies build projects such as schools and hospitals then lease them back to the state and similar bits of chicanery, which recent governments so delightedly embraced.