Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Do. Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Do.

Jehovah witness dating a christian, smile when jehovah's witnesses talk to you about the truth.

As a result of his study, which took place aroundhe published numerous books.

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Christians are free from strict laws, rules, and regulations. In order to employ each effectively, it is necessary to understand how they can help you—or hurt your cause if used incorrectly.

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Eating blood was wrong because it profaned the life of the animal. Because they must be politically neutral, here are some things they Jehovah witness dating a christian do.

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Jehovah's Witnesses are required to 'speak in agreement' and defend all doctrines even when they have doubts. Jehovah's Witness View of Bible Study.: Why do your biblical arguments fail to penetrate the JWs thinking?

Or, "All that the Father has is mine" John I had taken a shot every day to keep the symptoms at bay, until God miraculously healed me.


The God of Christians is kind, loving, humble, and gentle. Of course God has not changed.

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But what did he mean when he spoke of a "generation that would not pass away"? Watchtower magazine, July 15,pages JW's can't say 'Bless you' or 'God Bless you' when someone sneezes A public talk at the Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses said it was wrong to associate with long time inactive Jehovah's Witnesses.

This is probably because according to the WT, men should be masculine and women should be feminine.

Basic Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Do.

But the New Testament also has verses which clearly show Christ and the Father to be equals. When angered, Jehovah is capable of wiping out entire nations in a fit of rage.

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Whatsoever that same prophet foretelleth in the name of the Lord, and it cometh not to pass: Therefore we may confidently expect that will mark the return of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the faithful prophets of old. Not every rule is given equal weight. Later, Jesus rose from death in spirit, but did not rise in physical form.

The ones that do, are free to leave.

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He or she does not dare look at the Bible alone, without the guidance of Watchtower publications. More important, because it is a form of divination, numerology conflicts with Bible teachings. Family members and friends who leave the religion are shunned forever unless they admit guilt and go through the process of reinstatement.

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The rules are not quite as important as loyalty to the organization. Was the prediction spoken "in the name of the LORD"?

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Thus, the good of the organization is thought to be far more important than individual rights, beliefs, and freedom of speech. A person is identified as a 'sheep' or as a 'goat' by the way he responds to the angelic messages. While others get away with a lot and no one ever says anything.

These seem to contradict the other verses.

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Watchtower magazine, July 15,page 14, par 11 Jehovah's Witnesses must reject 'foolish and ignorant debates' with anyone who questions Watchtower viewpoints.