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After Edmund returned home from the hospital, Skye devoted her time to helping him out.

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Following a brief absence from television, The Miz returned to SmackDown! Farmer School of Business. Share this article Share 'I am not good in relationships.

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Skye was devastated by Alan's death, and the realization that Lorenzo had lied to her and also that he did not fully trust her. When Rae confirmed Tracy's allegations, Skye disowned her mother.

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Maria never got the chance to tell Edmund the good news; the plane crashed and Maria was killed. She tried telling him, but she just couldn't bring herself to say it, so she wrote it in a letter and sent it to Maria.

She watched in awe as Jax told Brenda at the altar that he couldn't marry her because she'd kissed Sonny the night before.

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Skye told the family, and Alan surprised them all by stating that Skye would always be his daughter. Adam and Palmer then forbade them from seeing each other, forcing them to set up secret meetings.

When she swam through the frigid waters of the lake to escape the boat house, Jax found her nearly frozen onshore and used his body heat to warm her.

After Skye and Jax exchanged vows, Jax's supposedly dead lover, Brendashowed up to congratulate him. He had Lila spirited out of town and refused to tell Skye where she was.

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Except for Battle of the Sexes 2, Mizanin made it to the end of all the Challenges on which he competed and won both Battle of the Seasons and The Inferno 2. Not only did Todd admit that Blair shot Max, he also announced to a room full of people that Skye was really Rae's daughter.

Heather Webberwho had once again escaped from Ferncliff, arrived at the mansion looking for Edward's will. Edmund never gave in to Skye's advances and got back together with Maria to raise Maddie. Katie and Tom recreated their wedding dance together Advertisement.

In a twist of fate, fellow town pariah, Janet Greenwas captured by Jonathan when she became suspicious of him when she was his secretary, Legal dating age in korea found that Skye was being held captive.

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When Luke took off right before opening night, Skye was forced to work with Faith by herself. Brittany insisted that she knew another side of Jax who she called her 'best friend' But she was shown in a teaser for the next episode smiling as she admitted sending her number to Adam, the model bartender the other girls had tried to set her up with to make Jax jealous.

Dimitri found out that Skye had changed the paternity test and threatened to kill Skye if she told Edmund about the results Jax dating riley. She was not guilty, however.

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Skye finally met Brenda in person when she found her sitting at Jax's bedside. Despite losing the Tough Enough contest, Mizanin had piqued the interest of WWE, and he was eventually offered a developmental contract.

Little known to them Palmer had the same idea to use Will to gain information on Adam through Skye.