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I strongly recommend to take a steam bath to open up pores, then start plucking the hair in the direction they grow, while you tighten up the skin with the other hand.

If I use " d epilation" I refer to both.

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You can achieve loose waves with a curling iron, you just need to know how to use it correctly. Be careful, sometimes pores blemish, especially if you don't steam bath properly or improperly do disinfection.

Always test each new product on a small part of skin and wait 24 hours. In-house wax epilation is effective only for those with little hair.

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Depilation is removal of hair just above the skin skin surface, for example razor shaving or chemical depilation. Do it in the evening, so the skin gets some rest during sleep. Some products come with special plastic scrapper or sponges for washing off the cream and the hair.

Except of laser and electrolysis epilation you should at least take a shower in a hot water. Razor shaving The most common method, we know it all.

Depilation versus epilation

Depilation versus epilation What is the difference? Chemical depilation This method consists of applying special cream or foam to skin, letting it work and then washing it off minutes depending on the type of the product. Advantages time - relatively quick method, legs can take minutes budget - low price, but in long term measure it's just like shaving lasting - hair grows back in a week or more can be used on most body parts, but be careful on areas with sensitive skin like initimate parts.

Advantages lasting - longer lasting effect, several days to weeks regular plucking makes the hair weaker and lighter budget - cheap, all you need is good tweezers Disadvantages inflammations can occur time - time-demanding method — tens of minutes to hours My tip: You push the vax tape against the skin, then tear it off in opposite direction to which hair grows.

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Run your fingers through your hair to break up any ringlets that were still left in tact. Epilation methods are vaxingtweezers epilationmechanical epilatorslaser epilation and electrolysis epilation.

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You apply it, let it work minutes and then clean the foam together with hair with a plastic scrapper. There are a couple things you can do while curling your hair to avoid annoying ringlets. When you clasp your hair in the curling iron, there should be inches untouched below the clasp. This is what the end result should look like: Advantages time - quick method — epilation of legs takes minutes budget - price wise very interesting, you can get an epilator for dollars and it lasts like forever lasting - longer lasting effect, week to several weeks suitable for legs.

Tweezers epilation Manual plucking of hair is a proper method only for smaller areas. It's much easier to pluck the hair from such opened pore.

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Before the last and most important step, I always spray my hair with a flexible hold hairspray. Attention, skin is very sensitive at intimate parts, don't let it work too long. Vax epilation at a beauty saloon is worth the money and time, the wax professionals use is much better than commercial products.