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Today it emerged hackers may also have used the service's password reset function to gain access to accounts. Experts also think a flaw in Apple's Find my Phone was used for some of the hacks.

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Not only that, it starts copying data Thank you a lot. It will cost some time to repair the damaged iTunes, and the iphone is useless.

When I wanted to sync check music, podcasts, etc, all went bad.

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Maybe it is sierra with its new tricks. My phone works perfectly now.

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Mustafa Abdullah Omar if the device reported lost or stolen and its already factory unlocked?????? Rich Mogull, a security expert with Securosis, warned celebrities not to use the real answers to these questions as hackers would be able to find many of the answers online.

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However, on the AnonIB hacking messageboard, those who say they have used the method claim that it's often best to reset the password at night so that the password reset email can be read and deleted before the target is awake.

Apple has since issued a fix for the bug. Sorin Sorin when will release the tool? Cluley said he thought 'more leaks are to come'.

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