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Lone survivor of Jacob Jones Joseph Paul Tidwell, age 93, of Jacksonville, Florida passed away peacefully Sunday evening, March 3, at home surrounded by his family.

Atlantic City was a new resort destination frequented by rail passengers and some larger resort hotels were dotting the sandy outer island. Navy salvage tug Nina shortly afterwards.

Many valve wheels and brass machinery parts are intermixed throughout the hull. The stern deckhouse was wire-dragged off the top deck. Digging forward of the engine area one can uncover an intact wooden deck. Artifact recovery is prohibited.

Firing three torpedoes ensured the sinking.

Divers have recovered china, gravy boats, cups, thermometers. It's sunk about half way into the sandy bottom and it's rapidly deteriorating. The Great Isaac was a part of the Normandy beach invasion and the captain at the time received a bronze start for meritorious duty under fire.

While off Tampa her crew suffered greatly from yellow fever, so Huntsville was sent north in July and decommissioned in August. Launched at New York City in and she was subsequently employed commercially along the U.

Today the water is clear over the wreck with a healthy abundance of marine life.

The untreated out fall was caped in the mid eighties and soon visibility greatly improved. Today it's large engine overshadows the wreck and makes home for numerous lobsters and fish.

Much vacant beach still remained awaiting the boom in this pre era. Divers will find this section interesting because one can penetrate the large hull section with plenty of overhead light and escape routes. Soon it became a popular dive and much discovery continued.

Because of the previous Hook up towing egg harbor township bad reputation, Atlantic Divers rechristen the wreck Mason's Paddle Wheeler to stimulate more exploration of the site.

The steamer operated in the Gulf for the next three years. Her primary duty was enforcing the blockade of the Confederate coast. Here gundeon pins and spikes have been recovered.

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The Great Isaac sits in 90 feet of water and is intact lying on it's port left side. This is now a protected U. Today, the mid-section remains one of the few contiguous sections.