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Share on Facebook Satellite television offers a wide range of channels, music and other services for discriminating TV watchers. If you are using speaker wire without plug connections, strip one-half inch of insulation from both ends and use solder to "tin" the wire ends for a better connection.

But despite that it is being marketed as a wireless unit for subwoofers, this is suitable for a full range of other audio applications. It is priced a bit on the high side with respect to other systems, but for the price you get a few extras!

Rated at just 5W per speaker, this is not the system for those looking for premium sound quality. At the same time, this limited range means you cannot use the SL2 as part of a multiroom audio setup.

Simply connect the transmitter to your Acoustimass module, and the receiver to your rear surround speakers. It can support Bose systems having a maximum rated output of W per channel.

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Run outdoor-rated speaker wire from the speakers to your DirecTV receiver location. This makes it possible to use say a second receiver unit paired to the same transmitter to send audio to a second room.

However, the fact that the SubCast does not comes with low pass filtered Grace smallwood thesis means you have to make sure you use the low-pass crossover network on your powered subwoofer, otherwise you will hear a lot of undesirable higher-frequency distortions from your subwoofer.

Prices vary from less than hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. The JBL On Air WEM-1 wireless speaker amplifier kit will automatically enter the Standby mode after approximately 10 minutes when no signal is detected from your system.

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This mainly depends on the available audio power at the receiver end, as well as supported features. Step Place a stereo receiver near the DirecTV receiver.

The Bose SL2 wireless link can produce high quality sound that will soon make you forget there are no wires between the rear speakers and your Bose home entertainment system. Some may find the latter time window a bit too short but we think that four minutes just strike the right balance between convenience and battery power usage.

The JBL WEM-1 kit comes complete with a remote control to adjust the volume from your listening position as well as to select the input on the receiver amplifier as the signal source.

It all depends what are your exact requirements. It makes use of MHz FM wireless technology to transmit a stereo signal to the two speakers up to feet away. In this wireless speakers systems review, we cover some of the best available add-on wireless modules that will enable you to transform a wired speaker system into a wireless setup in no time at all.

And Hook up outdoor speakers to receiver RF instead of say infra-red means you can also hide away the transmitter and receiver ends since line of site is not required.

SurroundCast SCS available from amazon Like most surround wireless speaker systems, the SurroundCast is a typical wireless surround sound system that makes use of 2.

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Then plug both units into a wall outlet. Note that the subwoofer output on the JBL receiver unit is not filtered or low-passed, so make sure you use the low-pass crossover network on your powered subwoofer as otherwise you will hear a lot of undesirable higher-frequency information from your subwoofer.

For our review of the new Rocketfish system, please click here. It makes use of 5. Article continues after this advertisement. The system features both an auto-tune function which makes setting up the wireless link a simple one button operation, as well as an auto-switch off function which helps save on battery power by automatically switching off the transmitter if it does not detect any signal for 4 minutes.

This is one of our favorite wireless speaker kits.