Eleven Ways Law School is Just Like High School Eleven Ways Law School is Just Like High School

Hook up law school, find the good stuff

Law school is like high school. Before finals it works fine because like some of the other commenters said, you can be done with your work in the evening and then you can hang out with them after, but around finals when you're outlining and studying, it can be more difficult but I still made an effort to take a night or two off a week to spend with them.

Law school, not so much. In college, people asked you your major; in law school and high school, people ask you your year.

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Again, there are obviously exceptions. My only saving grace is that I didn't take her home with me that night Your friends Dating sites cape cod drop notes in one of these devices to say hello.

We can get you the freshly-printed titles that you need for your SYS papers, exam cramming, and even casual academic reading. To the first point: Don't get me wrong, I still partied.

Am I supposed to wear a suit today? But being as objective as possible, I find the guys in my classes to be of a higher quality than the girls. Law school girls may be his best bet http: If your crush doesn't want to date you, that's isn't the fault of every woman in your class.

New friends make plans to live together, travel together, and go home for Thanksgiving together.

Recruiting season brings out the worst in people, ruining some friendships. Couple the small size with the fact that a lot of the students are from out of town, and likely don't have much of a life outside of law school especially their first yearand you quite literally have a recipe for disaster.

Trent Lott I can't imagine it would be much of a benefit in the first place. Christopher Wallace Library, I just can't see how picking up girls in there is going to be effective. The social fabric turns into Mean Girls where everyone suddenly knows everything about the new girl, except every law student is the new girl.

I'm good friends with a handful of girls in my classes. This is a collective action problem.

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If anything, the participation in extracurricular activities is worse in law school than in high school because, at least in high school, the activities were a break from the monotony — and the odds are that you joined a club because you were truly passionate about it, not about what it might do for your career.

Also, you can't use being in law school to your benefit when trying to hook up with older LS girls.

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May 2nd, 7: Every campus has a trashy bar frequented by year old sluts. If two people leave a bar together and hook up, word spreads. If you took five years off between college and law school to work in theater, people know about it.

You will run into your locker buddies on a regular basis. All jokes aside, here at the library our main purpose is to help you be as comfortable and successful as possible.

In college, sometimes people forget which state you are from.

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The good life, indeed. Even the attractive girls in my classes are insufferable. They mistake their relative attractiveness for absolute attractiveness and go about with some overinflated sense of their desirability.

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As a woman, not just a former law student, I find this question and thread offensive. If someone plays solitaire on his computer during class, everyone knows about it. This may have been the culture, by I certainly did not abide by it.

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I never dated another law student. Guys who can actually go out, chill, throw back some beers, flirt with some girls.