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On the one hand, this means that an already existing USB device mode gadget cannot work with your Android device. Remember, this approach has nothing to do with Android ADK! It has also been successfully tested with an Android Tablet, the Acer Iconia Tab A, this tablet does not need any additional adapter cables.

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The user is prompted for USB permission, but then then system logs shows an error that the USB device has been disconnected. Writing your own USB soft driver There is a very elegant solution to aforementioned problem. Even then, it was up to the manufacturer to actually include the required stack in the OS.

Simply put, this is a very simple software PWM. This example consists of two parts: Moreover, this solution does NOT require root access to the tablet or phone.

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Download the complete example here: Moving the slider in the UI does not do anything for the Arduino Uno. The above Android application uses exactly this approach.

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All code you find in this post can be used under GPL for your own projects. It most likely uses a USB-serial port and probably comes with a Linux or Windows driver as well as some software.

However, you will require some advanced knowledge in Android programming as well as some USB know-how. Also, the future promises even more host availability on mobile phones. High school hook up apk download we are doing no multi-buffering shenanigans the handling is extremely simple no need to call cli or anything.

The source code is available here: All in all, this approach is not very straightforward. However, this could be easily implemented with a few lines of additional code. Therefore, if you want to load your driver you will need to root your tablet, determine the version of your current kernel, find the kernel sources online, hope that everything compiles to have your driver ready and then load it onto your tablet.

In the end, your result will be portable across all Android devices that have USB host enabled and have Android version 3. And secondly, there was another issue: Many parts of the code are probably familiar to Android SW engineers.

By notifying sSendLock of the UsbController the data will be transferred. It requires far less skills in hacking and porting than the mentioned approach.

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Device filters — and therefore automatic activity launch when connecting the Arduino — are not used in this example in order to make the code simpler to comprehend. Secondly, the new hardware had to be designed to power itself and also deliver power the Android device; this implied that mobile gadgets require their own power source.

But wait, there is another way to communicate over USB.

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I tried this on both my 3. The interrupt routine is extremely basic: As long as the kernel on the Android device supported the USB standard driver of the hardware mass storage, input, etc.

The most interesting section is in the class UsbController where the Arduino device is set up and communication is initiated.

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Therefore, if a manufacturer wanted to support Android phones it was necessary to create new hardware as well as new firmware. An interrupt is generated when a new byte is received. During USB initialization, the Arduino USB serial converter is set up and after that, communication is done using the bulk IN endpoint of the very same serial converter.

This opens up an entire range of new possibilities for already existing hardware as well as newly designed hardware for phones.

The Arduino firmware

In the end, when you finally have your kernel driver running, you will be required to write C code as well as some JNI glue to communicate with your Activity or Service in Android.

This happens when the Android side sends data to the Arduino. However it lacked of a few crucial points.