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On a negative note, the 3DS version has some unexplainable framerate issues on larger farms. Generations have passed, the town's have very little interaction now, but still remain bitter to one another. After talking about her horse, she mentions the rival ranch ran by Kana over in Konohana.

The player can put items in your 'StreetPass Box' and trade items with people you pass by. The 3DS version also has a StreetPass feature. A pet owl that can help you fly between towns from the mountain top.

Georgia asks you if you'd be interested in taking a picnic with her at the mountaintop. Instead of a heart near a character's portrait, there is a chain of flowers to tell friendship levels.

Georgia is a blue flower level or higher. Marriage Year 2 or later. Have her at the fully bloomed red flower. You must have seen the purple flower event. Georgia is at a yellow flower level or higher and you have seen all of the previous events.

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She feels a lot better that you agree with her and invites you to come and chat with her about animals anytime. Contents [ show ] Plot Hundreds of years ago, the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were friendly neighbors, joined together by a tunnel underneath the mountain that separated the towns.

The player will have a choice between a female Lillian or male character Phillipand will also have a choice of which town they'd like to live in. The 3DS' screen is also wider, as it get a wider view of the area.

Certain bachelors can now perform 'reverse proposals'. Futago no Mura, lit. Have Grady at 30, friend points. The player can grow crops on their farm, raise livestock, forage, fish, catch bugs, and do requests to make money.

This is when each town will come together and compete. Blue Flower Event [7] Requirements: The mayor of Bluebell began fighting with Konohana's mayor as time went on.

The player will then be introduced to their farm. Her horse also appears to start acting up, so Georgia leaves to deal with her horse. Telling Georgia that her rice balls tasted weird FP will make her so upset that she will storm off from the picnic feeling very embarrassed.

Big bed When you get to year 2 and have Eileen at FP or more she will post a request on the message board to obtain the big bed. She's glad that you take the work seriously, even though you never complain about it!

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She was hoping that you'd say something different. After she tastes it for herself however, she disagrees and is somewhat discouraged that they didn't turn out the way she wanted.

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When Georgia meets you at the mountaintop, she reveals some rice balls she made for the two of you and asks you to taste them. She doesn't think that farming is easy at all, and if you think its easy, you must not take your work very seriously!

New animals to raise like Alpacas and Honey Bees. They can also move to the other village at the end of each season. Showing disinterest by answering "who cares? She was right to think that people think her accent is strange. She was hoping you didn't think it was weird, but she didn't expect you to find it cute!

She will ask you about your farm work and if you find it difficult to take care of your animals and crops. Full flowers 60, FP. The graphic quality is better on the 3DS because of it's enhanced graphics.