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Amateur boxing may be found at the collegiate level, at the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Gamesand in many other venues sanctioned by amateur boxing associations.

Boxing historians sometimes use these unofficial newspaper decisions in compiling fight records for illustrative purposes only.

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Many jurisdictions and sanctioning agencies also have a "three-knockdown rule", in which three knockdowns in a given round result in a TKO. Because of the open-ended style of boxing judging, many fights have controversial results, in which one or both fighters believe they have been "robbed" or unfairly denied a victory.

Competitors wear protective headgear and gloves with a white strip or circle across the knuckle. Places like Mexico, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe prove to be filled with young aspiring athletes who wish to become the future of boxing. Up to three judges are typically present at ringside to score the bout and assign points to the boxers, based on punches and elbows that connect, defense, knockdowns, hugging and other, more subjective, measures.

Play media The June Leonard—Cushing bout.

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Western boxers typically participate in one Olympics and then turn pro, Cubans and other socialist countries have an opportunity to collect multiple medals. The introduction of gloves of "fair-size" also changed the nature of the bouts. Even in the U. With three judges, unanimous and split decisions are possible, as are draws.

For scoring purposes, a standing eight count is treated as a knockdown. Figg's time, in addition to fist fighting, also contained fencing and cudgeling.

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As the wearing of swords became less common, there was renewed interest in fencing with the fists. Outlawed in England and much of the United States, prizefights were often held at gambling venues and broken up by police.

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For most fighters, an amateur career, especially at the Olympics, serves to develop skills and gain experience in preparation for a professional career. In ADduring the Roman gladiator period, boxing was abolished due to excessive brutality.

The first documented account of a bare-knuckle fight in England appeared in in the London Protestant Mercury, and the first English bare-knuckle champion was James Figg in Each boxer enters into the ring from their assigned corners at the beginning of each round and must cease fighting and return to their corner at the signalled end of each round.

A "no decision" bout occurred when, by law or by pre-arrangement of the fighters, if both boxers were still standing at the fight's conclusion and there was no knockout, no official decision was rendered and neither boxer was declared the winner.

There were no weight divisions or round limits, and no referee.

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Professional boxing remains by far the most popular form Carbon dating science the sport globally, though amateur boxing is dominant in Cuba and some former Soviet republics.

There were twelve rules in all, and they specified that fights should be "a fair stand-up boxing match" in a foot-square or similar ring. Eventually harder leather was used and the thong soon became a weapon. A "technical knock-out" TKO is possible as well, and is ruled by the referee, fight doctor, or a fighter's corner if a fighter is unable to safely continue to fight, based upon injuries or being judged unable to effectively defend themselves.

A referee monitors the fight to ensure that competitors use only legal blows. Coney in found that a bare-knuckle fight was an assault occasioning actual bodily harmdespite the consent of the participants.

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However, there are detailed records of various fist-fighting sports that were maintained in different cities and provinces of Italy between the 12th and 17th centuries. They are prohibited as well from hitting the back, back of the head or neck called a "rabbit-punch" or the kidneys.

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Throughout the early twentieth century, boxers struggled to achieve legitimacy. Early fighting had no written rules.

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This is the earliest documented use of boxing gloves. Referees also ensure that the boxers don't use holding tactics to prevent the opponent from swinging.

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Modern Boxing[ edit ] The sport rising from illegal venues and outlawed prize fighting has become one of the largest multi-billion dollar sports today.

An intentional foul that causes injury that prevents a fight from continuing usually causes the boxer who committed it to be disqualified.

The rules were published under the patronage of the Marquess of Queensberrywhose name has always been associated with them. Unheard of in the modern era, but common during the early 20th Century in North America, a "newspaper decision NWS " might be made after a no decision bout had ended.

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Rounds were three minutes with one-minute rest intervals between rounds. Each fighter was given a ten-second count if he was knocked down, and wrestling was banned.

This gives the referee the right to step in and administer a count of eight to a fighter that he or she feels may be in danger, even if no knockdown has taken place.