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It was a simple thrill to see an envelope addressed in his hand in my mailbox, and then I would open the letter and begin answering it in my head, and the thrill would get complicated.

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But how could she? Or was it something more metaphysical: I told myself that it would be unseemly, even in the privacy of our apartment, to focus on our petty concerns when thousands of people had lost their lives and the fate of the world itself was suddenly uncertain.

A story, in other words, of envy.

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I did envy his talent - the way he could go off in the morning and come home at night with five smart pages, the way he could expertly tease out a metaphor, nail a character in a sentence, and tackle geopolitics or brain chemistry without breaking a sweat.

I looked forward to evening, to Granta essay envy sight of the man, who still felt new and mysterious, walking through the door, and I Man online dating profile dreaded that moment because it meant either lying about what I had accomplished or, worse, telling the truth.

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I had liked him as soon as I met him—a current rippled across my skin when he walked into a room—but something stronger kicked in once I met him on the page, naked and decked out in phrases I would never have thought of.

My own reading told me this, but I had independent verification as well—because as sections were finished they flew almost immediately into print, and just as immediately, the phone would begin to ring with congratulatory messages, comparisons to dead writers and to living writers whose reputations were so established they might as well be dead.

Their life together had been dedicated to his job, and she had had only one choice: When the man told me stories about his wife—his ex-wife, but she had a fearsome presence that made her more real to me than I sometimes felt to myself—I would feel a cool draught, as though someone had left the door to the future open a crack.

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I admire it, but I do not envy it. Once I got home I visited him every day and never got over the feeling, as I searched for a parking space, walked to the entrance and made my way down the wide squeaky hallway to his open door, that I was pulling myself along like a reluctant dog who might one day slip my collar and make a break for the car.

At the end of a holiday trip to visit family in the west I told the man I couldn't imagine going back to New York; it was too hard there. I knew from his descriptions of his days that they were no easier than mine.

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Of course I wrote him back right away, labouring for hours to strike an appropriately offhand tone. It reminded me of something that had happened not long before I met the man.

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In this story I don't do the work I was born to, perhaps not even the work I am best at, but the work I have chosen - incompletely, erratically, often unhappily and uncertainly. One afternoon I ran into the man and, partly in a bid to keep him talking, told him about my parents and my uncertainty about what I should be doing to help them.

The part of me that was his girlfriend put her arms around him and told him how happy she was, and the other part, the miserable writer within, kept her distance.

He brought me olives and a glass of wine, and I sat down to read. Later that night, after the stony silence, the tears, the fury, I had to ask myself: I remember standing outside a pizza parlour, watching the cars glide in and out of their spaces, listening to his voice.

The book itself, which I've read twice, I don't even want to look at now. All that private time spent rendering and transforming personal experience on paper is easier to justify if the writer—and, ideally, reader—is healed in the process.

What are you talking about? I came home one evening and the man asked about my day, which had been unremarkable.

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I was in pitched battle with myself, and the wrong Granta essay envy was winning. The man seemed worried about me and surprised me by inviting me to come and visit him in New York. It does not care whether Flaubert finds the right word or whether Carlyle scrupulously verifies this or that fact.

No wonder I had gotten so little of my own work done.

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How before I had known anything about him, I had known this would happen - that one day he would write his Big Book, and the world would roll a red carpet to his door. Copyright ; Exponential Template Collection, All creeps are the candidate of the logical trademark owners.

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What would have happened, I wondered, if the situation had been reversed, and she had published first?