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The range runs from from the northern Himalaya mountains to the southern tip of the Rakhine Arakan Peninsula, How to initiate email online dating they continue under the sea and reappear as the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In the East India Company first moved its troops to the border, then annexed the state for alleged maladministration. Jharkhand came into existence when it was formed from the southern half of Bihar in Novemberthe city of Ranchi became its capital.

The temple facilitates Yagashala, Kalyana Katta, Pravachanam Hall, lawns for resting, a cafeteria, huge parking facility and playpen for children.

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This strip has lush lawns and long rows of flower beds. Its unique feature is the 21 in-built masonry dams that are jewel-shaped, which were built in by Henry Russle, a French engineer in British service. The Andaman Islands to the north consists of four main islands and small, mostly uninhabited islets.

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It is also one of Asia's most popular tourism and recreation centres. Muffakham Jah, the grandson of the last ruler of Hyderabad State, said that "The history of Hyderabad was always over shadowed as most historians tended to focus on Moghul rule". The temple is fully landscaped with gardens and the Shanku, Namam and Chakram which are very significant to the Lord is structured in the form of a fountain.

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The mountains were formed as the result of orogenic movement during the Cretaceous and Eocene era, they consists of old crystalline rocks embedded in sedimentary rocks. Capital and largest city is Raipur, other major cities are Bhilai, Bilaspur, and Rajnandgaon, official languages are Chhattisgarhi and Hindi.

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Boating and water sports are a regular feature at the lake. Lucknow city is located in a seismic zone III.

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The city became North India's cultural capital, and its nawabs, best remembered for their refined and extravagant lifestyles, were patrons of the arts. It attracts bird watchers and weekend picnickers.

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The northern rim of the Indian-Plate slowly thrust under the Eurasian Plate, crustal rock from the surface of the arriving landmass was sheared off horizontally, this rock retained on the future peninsula and assembled the mountain chain we know now. To the east lies Barabankito the west Unnaoto the south Raebareliwhile to the north lie the Sitapur and Hardoi.

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Some of the most commonly spoken languages in Himachal are Hindi and Pahari with its many dialects. It is being maintained by Buddha Purnima Project Authority since Situated in the middle of the Indus-Gangetic Plainthe city is surrounded by rural towns and villages: The Eastern Mountain Range is an arc of mountains and hills that forms a barrier between the Indian subcontinent and Myanmar.

Today, the ruins of the Residency and the Shaheed Smarak offer an insight into Lucknow's role in the events of Shows are held almost every evening throughout the year which include musical and dance performances, drama, award ceremonies and special government events.

In the offices of lieutenant-governor of the North-Western Provinces and chief commissioner of Oudh were combined; then inthe title of chief commissioner was dropped with the formation of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudhalthough Oudh still retained some marks of its former independence.

There are three administrative divisions within Jammu and Kashmir: Located at Mahendra Hills, it houses a meditation hall, a museum and rest houses for monks etc. The situation is made worse by the Rohingya crisis and may be an excuse for India to tighten border control.

Occasionally, Lucknow experiences colder winter spells than places like Shimla and Mussoorie which are situated way high up in the Himalayas.

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Its location at the Arabian Sea has made Gujarat an important maritime state. Museums and planetarium[ edit ] Salar Jung Museum Salar Jung Museum — The museum houses the largest one-man collection of antiques in the world.

Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Gardens — These gardens located at Kondapur are spread across a sprawling area of acres 0. It is built of identical 2. NASA India is the second most populated country on the planet.

Administrative Divisions Since JuneIndia is a union of now 29 states with Telangana as the youngest stateand 7 union territories. Formerly known as the State of Mysore with Mysore as its capitalit was renamed Karnataka in Ananda Buddha Vihara — It is a Buddhist tourist destination.