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Easter island moai dating, a comprehensive account of rapa nui/easter island

Ongoing archaeological studies suggest a still-later date: What happens when you take a more sceptical look and throw out all the peat samples that may be unreliable? He effectively ruled the island from until his cession to Chile in Annexation with Chile brought new influences, and today there are only a few individuals left with ties to the original population.

Inshe supervised an experiment to move a nine-tonne moai.

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There are many deep bogs in Easter Island in the craters of the volcanoes and it is possible to take a core through the bog showing the successive layers of the build-up, and analyse the pollen found in the different layers.

Lava domes and a vent complex formed in the Maunga Puka area, while breccias formed along the vents on the western portion of Rano Aroi crater. It is now housed in the British MuseumLondon. Indeed from the sailing point of view, New Zealand is almost as difficult to get to as Easter Island, and was therefore settled at the very end of the waves of settlement in which the Pacific was colonised.

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All but 53 of the more than moai known to date were carved from tuff a compressed volcanic ash from Rano Raraku, where moai in varying states of completion are still visible today. The dates of Easter Island are currently in flux in that the traditional dates have been challenged, so two different sets of dates must be given.

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We will be amending this account as and when any scholarly consensus begins to emerge. There is a legend that says there were seven men who waited for their king to arrive. The island measures about 14 miles 22 km by 7 miles 11 km at its furthest points and it is often said that it can be traversed by foot in a single day.

Easter Island's population was reduced to the point where some of the dead were not even buried.

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This was on flat ground and used eucalyptus wood rather than the native palm trees that would have lived on the island.

With a rope around the head of the statue and another around the base, using eight workers for the smaller statue and 16 for the larger, they "walked" the moai forward by swiveling and rocking it from side to side; however, the experiment was ended early due to damage to the statue bases from chipping.

The new dating began in New Zealand. From this Hunt and Lipo build up a completely new story which largely does away with the ecological disaster. Tangata manu Originally, Easter Islanders had a paramount chief or single leader.

A peak population of about 12, seen in the 14th and 15th centuries had shrunk to perhaps 6, The rest of the island was rented to the Williamson-Balfour Company as a sheep farm until According to some theories, such as the Polynesian Diaspora Theorythere is a possibility that early Polynesian settlers arrived from South America due to their remarkable sea-navigation abilities.

These occur mostly in the winter months June—August. After a brief stay at Anakena, the colonists settled in different parts of the island. Except for one kneeling moai, the statues do not have clearly visible legs.

Indeed from the sailing point of view, New Zealand is almost as difficult to get to as Easter Island, and was therefore settled at the very end of the waves of settlement in which the Pacific was colonised. There are also 13 moai carved from basalt22 from trachyte and 17 from fragile red scoria.

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Some of the "heads" at Rano Raraku have been excavated and their bodies seen, and observed to have markings that had been protected from erosion by their burial.

The statue building they say began in earnest around ADand that the ecological crash came around The people of the island, it appears, had enough food not only to build and move statues, but also to develop a written script, today known as Rongorongo, which researchers are still trying to decipher.

Geology[ edit ] Typical landscape on Easter Island; rounded extinct volcanoes covered in low vegetation.


However, these lithics became the basis for stone hammers and chisels. The high chief was the eldest descendant through first-born lines of the island's legendary founder, Hotu Matu'a. Some statues were rock carvings and never intended to be completed. This volcano possesses a clearly defined summit caldera.

When were the statues erected?

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Only about a dozen were to return to Easter Island, but they brought smallpox, which decimated the remaining population of 1, The Hanga O Teo embayment is interpreted to be Free online dating barnsley m high landslide scarp.

The island was victimized by blackbirding from toresulting in the abduction or killing of about 1, with 1, working as indentured servants in Peru.