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Her mother talks to Adrianna and sort of apologizes for her being a bad mother and Adrianna forgives her.

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Adrianna tells him that her mom is working late and that she thinks it's 'time'. Eleven games into the —11 seasonDuncan became the Spurs' all-time leader in points scored and games played.

He completed another remarkable season with averages of However, by mid-season, his performance declined and he was subsequently diagnosed with chronic knee tendinosis. They do however mend their friendship at the end of the season. He was the man tonight [in Game 5].

Then she got a rose in class, only to find out it was from some of the faculty members that felt sorry for her. Unfortunately, Adrianna doesn't want to tell her mother, as she thinks that she will be thrown out. Navid and Adrianna finally come clean to their friends about their plans to raise the baby and get married.

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She decided to eat her feelings and ran into Navid while buying chocolate. She is reduced to tears since she slept with Hank several times while there, so she gets an HIV test,which comes back negative.

Adrianna sinks back against the couch, stunned that she was Duncan ok dating and sorry to see him go. He's [had] a different cast around him [in] '99, '03 and ' He asks her to be his valentine, to which she accepts, and they kiss. She gets a call and got the job.

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He finished the regular season with 23, career points, which broke George Gervin 's record for most points in a Spurs uniform 23, Coach Popovich also praised Duncan: Naomi finds Adrianna, who is apparently okay, at a playground and accuses her of using. The rookie capitalized on this by finishing Game 1 with 32 points and 10 rebounds [21] and replicating the performance in Game 2, [22] contributing to a 3—1 victory over the Suns.

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Helped by a supporting cast comprising Danny GreenTiago SplitterGary Neal and Kawhi Leonard that had been maturing steadily over the last two seasons, Duncan and the Spurs would again make the playoffs with a 58—24 regular season record.

Navid went to the dance, and Adrianna stayed home in bed. It turns out that Navid has been in love with her since the second grade.

Duncan at the free throw line in During the lockout -shortened —99 seasonthe Spurs started with a lackluster 6—8 record and Popovich came under fire from the press.

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Navid and Adrianna fantasize about their future, but when they tell his parents about their decision to spend the rest of their lives together, they don't give consent. Despite their new captain's slight statistical slump Adrianna steps insde her dealers van, Navid appears and yanks her out.

She forces her way inside and is clearly there to make the moves on Ty as a way to get back at Annie for stealing her spotlight.

Matthews project which results in Annie landing her an audition which prompts Adrianna to tell her the truth about Ty. But she's stoned out of her mind.

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Adrianna tells Navid about her agent and says she is going to skip for the audition. The Demon Deacons won their first 13 games, but then got into a slump and failed to win a third ACC title. He remains one of only ten players with more than Duncan ok dating, career points and 1, career rebounds.

He just happens to be one of the greatest players of all time. Naomi calls her out on her B.

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Adrianna tells him she wants to be with him and they start a relationship. When Adrianna finds out about the death of Silver's mother and Navid's injury, she decides to make a change for the better. Later, Adrianna is lying on the floor somewhere and medics are swarming around her still body.