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It is often the case that the FONT will be different too. Sadly, the tiger now has company.

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The bears had felt pads and five claws. Replica The Teddy bears and animals of the replica series by Steiff are a very special and extraordinary species.

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Finally, be suspicious of a flag remnant that, for all intents and purposes, looks new — without fraying on its sides and dark, crisp printing on the top portion. It may not be obvious in the left image, but there is no grommet in that tag. The fraud perpetrator was not quite Dating steiff buttons in his adulteration.

Since the pictured Raudi was made no earlier thanyou would know that Eulan was used until at least that date and there is evidence it was used well into the s.

Steiff "Button in Ear" - a trademark of quality

BySteiff began manufacturing its jointed Bears with a cardboard disc system, a process still used today. It was begun in by Margarete Steiff, who was later assisted by her brother Fritz. You might even spontaneously return that smile — because it makes you happy and may even bring back memories you thought had been lost forever.

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The shepherd doll to the left is such an example. The koala is more than double his size! Yes, everyone it seems knows about this world famous trademark, or do they really know about it? Two of these particularly disturbing examples of non-Steiff animals with Steiff IDs are included here.

Going back one step, you might wonder how these fraudulently manipulated animals came to be in their present, falsified state. Thus, previously, I had only the brief discussion, immediately below, of the giraffe.

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See the example immediately below of three flags side by side. Many of the pictures are my own photography, but, of course, not the examples of fraudulent manipulation that I obtained from the Internet.

World’s Most Expensive Teddy Bears

Notwithstanding that, I have seen such critters on eBay. Not only is the article number, ,70, wrong, the horizontal layout of the printed information would be recognized as wrong to anyone who has any familiarity with Steiff. Notice that the old-font flag to the near right has one zero following the comma.

There are two things to note: The bear was made by a well-known German toy company Steiff. Two of the buttons have raised script. You know already to be suspicious, because the tag is attached with a thin black thread.

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But the buttons of earlier Jockos were inserted with their prong sides on the inside and the face of the button on the back. Someone put Steiff identification on a non-Steiff animal, and let it be represented as something it was not.

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Not only that, this eBay seller told me that he acquired the bear from a dealer he knew and trusted. If the bear is made out of mohair and starts losing hair for no reason, you might have insect trouble.

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She designed and made most of the prototypes herself. Someone was so intent on getting her ready for sale that, not only could they not wait to obtain appropriate replacement glass eyes, they fitted her with an imperfect pair of plastic eyes.

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InI saw the ultimate in laziness and brazenness on the part of an online seller. That model tiger was made with ID numbers and ,00, the latter of which was the one the seller claimed.

Steiff "Button in Ear" - a trademark of quality

So, the ONLY legitimate button you would see on a Beppo would be the earlier one with skinny letters. He refused to shoot it, saying: Not only that, but her left eye is clearly damaged. Over the years, both the buttons and the cloth Dating steiff buttons changed.